Christians are the Most Discriminated Against Group in America

Last week, I had a long conversation with a reporter for the Seattle Times, one whom I have always respected. We’ve spoken many times over the years, during my time in the Washington House and Senate, and afterwards as leader of this organization.

Broadly, we were discussing the recent FPIW Action endorsement of President Trump, but this reporter seemed genuinely surprised when the conversation turned to discrimination, in particular my point that Christians – not blacks, women or other identity groups – are, in fact, the most systematically discriminated against group in the United States.

It’s really not even hard to see why.

Think about it. We’re supposedly in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, where large crowds are (at least if you live in a blue-led state) considered highly dangerous. Yet, leftist leaders are displaying unbelievable double standards and are openly implementing policies that discriminate against and persecute Christians.

Take last Sunday’s event here in Seattle as an illustration.

Organizers had planned a worship and prayer event to be held at Gas Works Park, similar to the worship and prayer event that was overrun by Antifa and Satanists at Cal Anderson Park (formerly CHOP/CHAZ) last month. But the event didn’t happen there. The City of Seattle conveniently and “temporarily” closed the 13-acre Gas Works Park just hours before the event, “due to anticipated crowding that could impact the public health of residents.” They erected barriers and posted paid security guards outside the park to ensure no one could get into the park.

Let’s get this straight: the City of Seattle was so concerned that this crowd of Christians would spread COVID-19 that they deliberately closed an open-air, 13-acre park where social distancing could be possible and instead forced the crowd onto a side street so cramped that social distancing couldn’t be observed.

How very responsible and mindful of the health of residents.

Of course, we know that this closure wasn’t about public health at all. It was about punishing and marginalizing a group of people who don’t share leftist values and secular views of the world.

If gatherings of thousands of people in one place were actually a threat to public health, city officials would have blocked the thousands of radicals, arsonists, and anarchists from taking over Cal Anderson Park, the East Police Precinct, and six blocks of city streets in Capitol Hill during the CHAZ/CHOP occupation for weeks. Leaders in Democrat-run cities and states around the U.S. have not only allowed protests, demonstrations, and riots – in many cases, they’ve actually encouraged them. It’s clear discrimination.

And if we look ahead to the Biden/Harris Democratic Presidential ticket, we can see more anti-Christian discrimination coming down the tracks.

Joe Biden abandoned his Catholic faith and adopted the values and policies of those who want to suppress Catholic and Protestant churches, organizations, and all believers in America. Kamala Harris already demonstrated her bigotry toward against Christians in Senate hearings for judicial appointments, asking if nominees were members of the Knights of Columbus.

If Biden and Harris assume control of the country, we have to believe that both will not just work to prevent tax dollars from going to religious schools, hospitals, adoption agencies, and pregnancy crisis centers, but that they will also close them down – unless they bow down to the radical abortion, sexual, and gender ideology installed as the cornerstone of their blueprint.

If Biden and Harris win in November, we expect more formal government, corporate, and mob-inspired suppression of Christians – at levels never before seen in our nation’s history.

Here in liberal King County, Christian businesses and individuals are unable to publicly express their Christian and religious beliefs on sexuality or gender without risk of harm. If they were to do so in a public space or on a college campus, they would be attacked, accused of hatred, boycotted, and perhaps even brought up on charges.

Christians here and in many places in the U.S. live in fear of unjust firings, economic boycotts, or cancelations by the new stormtroopers of hate who occupy today’s human resources departments and the ever-growing, Orwellian, “Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion” Departments. Outside of Christian organizations, virtually no public organization or business would knowingly hire or work with a faithful Christian or an organization like FPIW who publicly stands against this new radical pagan agenda.

This is the definition of systematic bigotry, and no other group in America is treated this badly!

Christians ARE the most discriminated against group of 2020. We are told to be silent in schools and in government offices. We have no corporate virtue signalers, Hollywood stars, newspaper or TV champions speaking for us. We live in constant fear of losing our jobs or canceled for speaking out loud our religious beliefs. We risk being mocked and scorned for their faith. We are forced to put our entire savings into expensive legal battles to preserve our right to operate a business. And now, we’re told that we aren’t permitted to peaceably assembly or open our Churches, despite all other protesting, anarchist, and quasi-political activist groups being permitted to do so.

Christians are going to stand up for their rights and for the truth of Jesus Christ, regardless of what this new bigoted culture or government officials try to mandate or punish. At the end of the day, we know that love and the Gospel of Jesus Christ will triumph over this culture of hate!

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