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Coach Rolovich’s Fight is our Fight

As the tone-deaf Covid-19 vaccine mandates continue to threaten the liberty of Americans around the country, former Washington State University football coach Nick Rolovich has appealed his firing due to his refusal to comply with such dangerous mandates. While individuals like Rolovich are taking the brunt of these unconstitutional laws, courts have yet to definitively determine whether the mandates ought to stand. In the meantime, countless freedoms are being infringed upon as a result of big government’s neopagan overreach into private citizens’ lives and health decisions.

Governor Inslee, without public debate, engagement of the legislature, without looking at the science, without any standards, decided to dictatorially implement an October 18th deadline for most state employees, healthcare workers, and school employees to get the Covid-19 vaccination with draconian standards to meet unprecedented exemption requirements. This includes private and charter school staff, as well as all those working at a state college or university.

So far about 3% (2,000) of the states 63,000 workers have been fired in the state of Washington leaving ferry shortages, delays, and cutback of services in many agencies. University head football coach Nick Rolovich requested a religious exemption from the vaccine which was later denied, leading to his dismissal and to a contentious fight over whether religious exemptions will stand against satanic mandates for unproven vaccines.

“While I have made my own decision, I respect that every individual — including coaches, staff and student-athletes — can make his or her own decision regarding the Covid-19 vaccine. I will not comment further on my decision,” Rolovich said regarding his decision to refuse the vaccine.

In his appeal, Rolovich accuses the university’s Director of Athletics of being “hostile” toward him because of his views on the vaccine. Specifically, the letter written by Rolovich’s attorney states that the Athletic Director made several comments to the head coach “that demonstrated his hostility toward Coach Rolovich’s expressed religious and scientific reasons for refusing to receive a COVID vaccine.”

Not only is this a far cry from the loving tolerance so often preached by those on the left, it is improper behavior for an individual in his position to participate in. The letter also states that the athletic department informed Human Resources that it could not accommodate the exemption, indicating that it was a conscious choice made by Rolovich’s department itself.

The appeal letter also suggests that Washington Governor Jay Inslee instituted the mandate in order to “force” Rolovich’s hand, after speculation that he was angry the highest paid and high profile state employee had asserted religious objections to the vaccine.

The facts don’t lie: in the two-week period since Oct 24, only 33 people have died (only 2 under 50) from Covid-19 and Governor Inslee has the lead in the nation in firing state workers. Think about it: we don’t even know how many state employees and teachers have died since the pandemic started…5? 10? 20? 25? Where is the (corrupt) media reporting in all this?? And for this we must unilaterally fire thousands and cut back services?!

When will this all end?

It seems likely that Governor Inslee will never release his obsessive clutch on raw power, making it all the more important that Rolovich receive the support he deserves for fighting back against dangerous mandates.

These mandates are growing in scope and size, and the Biden administration is attempting to implement a vaccinate-or-test mandate for private businesses around the country. This would require millions of workers to either be coerced into receiving the vaccine or be tested for Covid-19 weekly, a gross abuse of power by President Biden’s pagan-led government and an unconstitutional attempt to override both states and private businesses.

A federal court last week, however, issued a temporary hold on the mandate going into effect after several states presented challenges against it.

This is yet another example of the immorality of vaccine mandates, and it underscores the importance of people like Rolovich who are fighting the good fight against the demonic forces seeking to destroy Christians, families, marriages, children, and our state.

This is a spiritual battle as much as a legal and policy one. Stand firm.

Isaiah 42:6

I will turn darkness into light before them,
and make crooked ways straight.
These are my promises:
I made them, I will not forsake them.

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