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Congressman Rick Larsen Stands With Planned Parenthood

Today, the eighth video from the Center of Medial Progress was released showing the President of Stem Express discussing its relationship with Planned Parenthood and the sale of fetal body parts for research. Citizens around Washington State have been reaching out to their elected officials and asking them to stop funding Planned Parenthood. Congressman Rick Larsen continues to stand with Planned Parenthood. You can find his response to his constituents below:

Thank you for contacting me about Planned Parenthood. I appreciate hearing from you about this issue.

Planned Parenthood has a long history of providing vital family planning and health care services to women and men, including those who might not be able to afford care elsewhere because of income or geographical barriers. In 2013, more than 119,000 people received services from the 32 Planned Parenthood centers in Washington State.

I have consistently voted to protect funding for family planning services and Planned Parenthood.  I believe that proper education and family planning services are vital to reducing unwanted pregnancies and abortions. Every child should be able to grow up in a healthy, nurturing environment. Proper family planning allows for more children to experience a loving and secure childhood. This makes for a healthier child and a stronger community. It is for this reason that I support funding for Planned Parenthood.

Some people have expressed their discomfort with recent video footage released about Planned Parenthood. The video, which was clearly edited, portrays a Planned Parenthood official discussing reimbursement the organization receives for fetal tissue donations. Planned Parenthood has said its fetal tissue program is conducted completely voluntarily, with consent from patients, and that it receives reimbursement only to cover its costs. I understand this is a difficult and sensitive topic.

I remain focused on the valuable and high-quality services that Planned Parenthood provides to so many people, including in Northwest Washington. I continue to stand with Planned Parenthood and the millions of people who depend on the organization for their health care.

Thank you again for contacting me. Please do not hesitate to be in touch with me in the future regarding this or any other issue of importance to you.

Thank you for contacting me about Planned Parenthood. I appreciate hearing from you about this issue.

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Rick Larsen
United States Representative
Washington State, 2nd District


Please contact your legislators and ask them to stop funding Planned Parenthood. You can call them at the Legislative Hotline at 1-800-562-6000 or you can email them here.

Then contact your congress members by calling the Congressional Switchboard at 202-224-3121. You can find their contact information here.


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