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Democrats DO support late-term abortions


Onstage during the first Republican presidential debate, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis declared: “We’re better than what the Democrats are selling. We are not going to allow abortion all the way up till birth and we will hold them accountable for their extremism.” From that moment onward, Democrats have come out of the woodwork to deny DeSantis’s allegations. 

Former Biden White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, who now hosts her own show on MSNBC, had this to say: “No one is rooting for late-term abortions. No one is running on the platform of aborting viable babies. No one is selling late-term abortions as Ron DeSantis claims. No one. Not Joe Biden, not Kamala Harris, not Hillary Clinton, not Nancy Pelosi, or any other politician demonized by the right-wing, roots for more late-term abortions. None of them do.”

Similarly, Planned Parenthood President Alexis McGill claimed: “Like Nessie and Bigfoot, the term ‘late-term abortion’ is completely made up. It’s anti-abortion propaganda with no basis in medicine, intended to confuse people.”

But here are the facts: at least 10,000 babies are murdered every year in late-term abortions, and countless Democrats do support them. The following politicians have refused to name a single limit on abortion they would support: Senators Ben Cardin (D-Md.), Mark Kelly (D-Ariz.) and John Fetterman (D-Pa.); former gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams (D-Ga.); and former Representatives Beto O’Rourke (D-Tex.) Tim Ryan (D-Ohio), and many others. So if “no one” supports late term abortions, why haven’t these prominent Democrats come out against abortions in the third trimester, or even partial birth abortions? Here’s the answer: because they do support them, as do countless others in their party. Democrat leaders in the U.S. Senate even killed a bill that would have legally required medical care for babies who survive abortions – the bare minimum we should expect of medical professionals who take the Hippocratic Oath. This debate is no longer only about abortion – it’s about infanticide. 

Just consider what Virginia’s Democrat Governor Ralph Northam, a pediatrician, had to say about partial-birth abortions: “The infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable. The infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired.” (emphasis added)

When the Left tries to backtrack and say that when late-term abortions do happen, it is rare and only due to fetal abnormalities or to save the life of the mother, here’s a reality check from one of America’s most infamous late-term abortionists, Warren Hern

“Hern admitted that at least half of the late-term abortions he’s performed over the past half-century were elective, meaning that there was no underlying medical condition in the baby or the mother,”  Peter Laffin wrote for the Washington Examiner. “Abortion advocates regularly assure the public that late-term abortions of this sort are exceedingly rare, if existent at all. But here we have it from the horse’s mouth. Who knows how many thousands of these abortions Hern has performed? Again, he’s been doing this for half a century.”

One thing this adamant denial of support for abortions up until birth proves, however, is that Democrats recognize how wildly unpopular the idea is for the average American. Performing abortions on fully-formed babies that could survive outside the womb, even prematurely, is barbaric and heartless, and most people can still recognize that. One poll shows that 70% of Americans support limitations on abortion at 12-15 weeks into pregnancy, and other studies echo those conclusions.

Let’s put the lie to rest that Democrats don’t support late-term abortions, and even outright infanticide. Countless statements from politicians, Planned Parenthood, and legislation unequivocally prove they do – but many on the Left are simply too scared to say it because they know the vast majority of Americans recognize that late-term and partial birth abortions are nothing less than the brutal murder of innocent babies. 

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