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Do Not Trust Pastors that Bless Abortion

As we know, no one can claim to be a Christian while promoting abortion (see President Biden). The two are completely incompatible, as abortion is nothing less than a grave evil.

Many “Christians,” however, have made a mockery of their faith by promoting unrestrained immoral sexual activity and the mass murder of innocent lives while claiming to be followers of Christ. Even more disturbingly, some “Christian” church leaders have expressed support for the evil procedure.

In an interview with the Washington Post, Former U.S. House Chaplain Fr. Pat Conroy outrageously claimed that Catholics should support abortion. According to Fr. Conroy, a “good Catholic” should say: “Given women in our system have this constitutional right, our task as fellow Christians, or as Catholics, is to make it possible for her to optimize her ability to make the choice.”

Fr. Conroy is grossly wrong for a number of reasons. First, abortion is not a constitutional right. As we all know, a bunch of Supreme Court justices made this “right” out of thin air in 1973. Even if it was written in the Constitution, the Constitution never trumps 2000 years of consistent Christian theology and the Bible, God’s Word for defining morality and what is evil. Scripture is abundantly clear about the sanctity of the preborn and human life.

Second, abortion does not help women in any way; it only harms them. Women endure severe physical and emotional trauma and are haunted for the rest of their lives when they undergo an abortion. Fathers and society suffer anytime a human life is murdered. Lastly, abortion is not about the choices of two sexually active persons, it’s about a child that has been created and is now alive. Once a child has been conceived, the choice has already been made by the two sexually active persons. Both parents then have a duty to care for that child.

Finally, let’s be honest in that abortion is what makes unrestrained immoral and dangerous sexual activities and relationships viable and dominant in our society today. And the left’s response to defining appropriate or inappropriate sexual conduct has been a disaster in that abortion becomes the key tool for allowing that immoral sexuality activity to continue.

For example, liberal elites, the Higher Education Industrial Complex, and the “Me Too” movement have been energetic in proposing or defining specific affirmative consent words or procedures before one engages in sexual relations for both adults and children. Conservatives and Christians, pastors especially, have been silent in this discussion, but now need to now be involved in this public policy debate if we are ever address abortion and other evil consequences of unrestrained sexual activity.

What is the Christian policy response to this? Perhaps it makes sense today to mandate that when two individuals consent to sex, they also must consent to no abortion and to getting married and raising the child if an unborn baby is conceived from the sexual act. This would go a long way to reducing inappropriate sex activity and ensuring parents properly raise a child, as the Child Support System attempts to do with mandated financial and parenting mandates.

It is time for Christian pastors and elected leaders to start redefining when it is moral or immoral to have sex and teach about the deadly, destructive consequences that can occur to the baby, the parents, and society when evil choices are made. Unfortunately, today, the pagan left has bullied Christian and elected leaders into silence when it comes to discussing appropriate and moral sexual relations.

Fr. Conroy’s horrendous statement shows us that church leaders are not immune to demonic influences. The devil will attack anywhere, especially in the places that threaten him most – the universal church of Christians. We have a duty to accurately represent Christ, which means we must be fervently and publicly against abortion and immoral sexual activity and correct those who distort His gospel.

Church leaders must proclaim to their parishes and congregations the truth: that abortion is a sin, and that unrestrained sexual activity and culture promotes abortion, and we will someday have to answer to God for the millions of lives that have been lost under our watch.

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