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Do you want your children to learn LGBT history?

Do you remember the controversial LGBT history curriculum we warned parents about earlier this year? Well, it’s official: if your child goes to public school anywhere in Washington state, they will be required to learn this curriculum next year.

Senate Bill 5462 was signed into law by Governor Jay Inslee and will require public schools to teach students about the “contributions of underrepresented groups in school, including those in the LGBTQ+ community.” While this description may sound innocuous, we know it is part of a larger mission to normalize, desensitize, and destigmatize homosexuality and transgenderism to our young children. They will be teaching students to honor and respect the bastions of the LGBT movement, and to look up to these confused and mentally unwell individuals as role models. That is one surefire way to encourage children to question their gender identity and sexuality. They are planting seeds of confusion in the impressionable minds of children.

“The public schools have been captured by a radical ideology that hates people of faith, ironically using the guise of inclusion and tolerance to take over school curriculum,” Washington Policy Center Education Center Director Liv Finne said. “This is illegal and unconstitutional.” 

This curriculum is indoctrination. Normalize. Desensitize. Destigmatize. It will undoubtedly go beyond the bounds of the legislation signed by the governor and shamelessly promote the LGBT lifestyle, teaching our children that they have options to choose from when it comes to their sexuality. 

“When comprehensive sexual education curriculum was passed in Washington parents were assured that it wasn’t the intent of the law to integrate subjects such as gender identity and sexual orientation into other subject areas, and that parents could opt their children out but it’s pretty obvious that if this bill passes, it will no longer be an option,” Jennifer Heine-Withee, policy consultant for FPIW said.

Our state legislators and governor continue to push this radical agenda further and further, and we can begin to imagine what the future will hold. Already we grapple with our students learning about “LGBT history” and clinics within those schools offering to help students “transition” genders without their parent’s knowledge or consent. What has become of our education system? 

Your family can take action. As this dangerous agenda continues to take hold of Washington public schools, we encourage you now more than ever to consider joining the rising tide of the homeschooling movement in our state. This is one way to ensure your children are protected from the woke agenda and educated in a manner consistent with the Biblical worldview.


This issue is important to us at FPIW, and we hope you share our sincere passion in defending and advancing Biblical and conservative values in the public square. 

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