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Edmonds school district pushes gender ideology

Yet another school district in Washington is pushing evil gender ideology onto young students, as Jason Rantz (770KTTH) reports.

The Edmonds School District created a lesson plan on gender identity for seven-year-olds. The lesson claims that sometimes, a person does not have a gender, and other times, a person has more than one gender. Teachers even instruct first graders to list their gender identities.

Another lesson plan presents a diagram showing which pronouns to use based on someone’s gender identity.

As if this weren’t concerning enough, the district has refused to release the full curriculum to the public.

The state of Washington has enabled such perverted teaching by mandating schools to provide lessons on sexual health topics. Within the “self-identity” category, the state instructs schools to teach kindergarteners and first graders “that there are many ways to express gender.” While this is egregious in itself, the Edmonds School District takes it a step further.

The good news is that some parents are speaking out. “Our child is 7 years old and in the first grade! This material is completely inappropriate for children this age and is the reason the state of Florida is looking to legislate this issue,” wrote one mom in a letter to the district.

The mom went on to say that she was not given any prior notice that this material would be taught. “…[H]ad we been informed we would have denied consent and requested our child be excused for the lesson,” she said.

These topics should be left to parents, who know their child best and care for them the most. It is the right of parents alone to decide when and how children will be introduced to these ideas.

Further, the ideas being presented are not only completely false and illogical, but incredibly confusing to first graders who are not yet mature enough to be learning about sexuality.

This is all part of the left’s effort to take over education and indoctrinate children with radical views. In the name of “tolerance” and “inclusivity,” our children are being fed lies that come straight from the devil.

Educators are encouraging our children to deny God’s design and reject their own God-given identity. This is why more and more children are developing gender dysphoria. A deliberate plot to sexually corrupt children is occurring and every parent, pastor, and elected official should be speaking out and fighting back now! Our children are inundated with gender ideology by “sexual mentors” they are supposed to be able to trust. On top of that, major entertainment corporations like the now-woke (and deranged) Disney admit that they are pushing LGBT ideas onto children in their programming.

Radical sexual libertine forces are endangering the souls of our children and it is our duty to protect them. They are leading them toward sin and encouraging them to adopt an anti-Christian worldview. The devil is deep within our schools, and we are only seeing what school administrators have allowed us to see. Once our children are exposed to these sinful ideas, we can’t take that back. It has already happened.

In order to save our children, Christian families must live differently and make sacrifices like speaking out publicly against pagan institutions and making different schooling choices for their children. “Christian parents must be intentionally countercultural in their approach to family dynamics. The days of living like everybody else and hoping our children turn out for the best are over,” wrote Christian author Rod Dreher. If we simply “live like everybody else,” our children will be formed by neopagan revolutionaries through education, the media, and entertainment.

It is our job to do whatever it takes to protect our children’s souls. Whether we stand up to school district leaders or find alternative schooling opportunities, we need to take action.

“Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” – Proverbs 22:6

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