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Edmonds school district teaches children are racist

A suburban school district north of Seattle believes babies are racist and aims to fix the “problem” with further pagan indoctrination. The Edmonds School District highlighted a presentation implying that the only way to cure babies of racism is to instill them with Critical Race Theory (CRT).

In the presentation, Dr. Sally Guzman of the Edmonds School District read the book Antiracist Baby, written by provocative critical race theorist Ibram X. Kendi. The reading was broadcast on the district’s Facebook page, which boasts thousands of followers.

The book shows pictures of a baby at a radical protest with her fist in the air. She’s surrounded by political signs that read “Equity now,” “Black Lives Matter,” “Climate justice is racial justice,” and “We demand justice!” “Antiracist Baby is bred, not born,” read Guzman. “Antiracist Baby is raised to make society transform.”

The book implies that all children are racist until they adopt a CRT concept called “anti-racism.” This egregious lie is nothing less than evil. Stories such as this one have become far too common. Like many districts in Washington, Edmonds is fully committed to the moral and psychological corruption of our children.

Are your neighbors and your pastors waking up yet to this evil? Do they see the evil rot that’s spreading like a virus throughout our public institutions or are they silent? That’s the real endemic we’re facing.

CRT rejects the teachings of Christ and instills children with an anti-biblical worldview by teaching that appearance or skin color – not one’s heart – is the determination of their character. It also leaves no room for disagreement and demands complete and total adherence to its tenets. Students are forced to practice this secular religion of neopaganism, worshipping false ideals like “racial equity” and “inclusivity while parental rights, religious freedom and the virtues that Jesus preached are completely disregarded.

Young people are incredibly vulnerable to the manipulation that radical leftist teachers employ. Children are not born racist, but they may become racist if we allow these neopagan educators to continue indoctrinating them.

It gets worse: for where CRT is taught to children, one automatically gets the radical “LGBTQIA+” ideology included as well. Your children will be taught about the dozens of genders and orientations, and how it is their right, not their parents’ or God’s, to choose to be a boy or girl, or choose their pronouns, or choose to get the necessary surgical or hormonal castration to become their “authentic” self.

Is this really what you want your children to be brainwashed with for 5-7 hours every day Monday through Friday? And then to be further indoctrinated and groomed on social media?

The scary thing is that this is not just happening around Seattle but is happening all over Washington State in even red or conservative counties. The devil is working through all our schools to influence and destroy our children, and inaction is not an option. We should speak out at school board meetings, recall leaders like Guzman who espouse diabolical and deadly actions, and remove our children from public schools.

This is ultimately a spiritual battle, which we have to engage. So are you and your pastors engaged yet? Is your legislator engaged? Have YOU confronted evil, and called people to repent? The Bible tells us to stand firm against evil “with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace” (Ephesians 6:14-15).

Equipped with the Word of God, we must play active roles in our schools and communities and WORK to destroy the evil that surrounds us and spread the Truth of Jesus Christ. God has entrusted us with the care and protection of His children, and their souls are in danger TODAY. It’s up to us to do something about it. We will be judged on our actions.

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