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For Those Who Believe People Are Expendable

Every stage of human life is under attack in Olympia by the current legislative majorities. From making it easier to access and use deadly drugs, or providing Planned Parenthood access to every public school child, each year the culture of death grows stronger and more dominant.

HB 1141, which will greatly increase suicides in our state, is being seriously considered by state lawmakers. It is yet another rebranding tactic of the perverse and destructive “social justice” activists who want to drag our society further into the culture of death. Pro-depopulation radicals in Washington State are following the secular pagan creed of carrying out evil in the name of so-called “peace;” destruction in the name of “dignity,” and killing in the name of “safety.”

I was a legislator when I-1000, the Euthanasia Initiative was first passed in 2008. At that time, the advocates touted all the important safeguards and protections built in so that this applied only to those rare folks with immense pain and in the final weeks of life.  Back then, I knew that these safeguards would not last, and “assisted suicides” would not remain rare.

HB 1141 seeks to replace the prudent safeguards with expedited routes to death, now allowing for the first time “qualified medical providers” or non-doctors, to prescribe lethal medications to patients who are likely frightened, depressed, and confused. Killing one’s self will get much easier and cheaper in our state. 

In addition, HB 1141 would now allow these non-doctors to perform the assisted suicide in 72 hours or less, down from 15 days. Paradoxically, the legislature now believes that individuals need to have a lengthy ten-day waiting period in order to buy a gun, but with this bill, one only needs a 72-hour cooling off period to decide to end their life.

The devaluation of life at any stage is unacceptable and a direct affront to God’s authority in heaven. God calls us to rescue those who are suffering and in pain (mental, spiritual, or physical); those people need advocates who treasure life and honor the inherent dignity of the person, which requires providing compassionate care, not a drug overdose.

Do not be fooled by the perverse pagans who falsely label the practice of assisted suicide as respectful, dignified, and peaceful. Killing those in pain or near end of life is no less an evil than killing unborn babies.

“He who justifies the wicked and he who condemns the righteous are both alike an abomination to the Lord.” (Proverbs 17:15)

The fact that suicide laws in Washington State currently enable physicians (and if this legislation passes, non-doctors) to list a patient’s terminal disease as the cause of death is evidence of the atrocious culture of lies we live in. The phrase “assisted suicide” is already a perverse rebranding of murder, similar to how radicals characterize abortion as “reproductive health.”

Trust me on this, we know the next legislative steps for those pushing this evil, if this bill passes. Within ten years, the final decision to commit “suicide” will also be handed over to the government and to politicians, and taken away from the individual or family, as we are now seeing being done in Europe.

People are not expendable. Christ calls us to care for the poor and oppressed, and that necessitates that we first and foremost value the worth of each and every human life, and this inherent dignity should be respected from conception until natural death.

Please join us in opposing HB 1141 in Olympia. Click here to find your legislators and email them today.

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