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FPIW Legislative Agenda Set to Counter the Darkness

The Washington State Legislature kicked off the 2021 Legislative Session on Monday, in complete isolation from the public impacted by their actions. The House is only allowing 14 members present on the floor at a time; the Senate just 7.

As expected, “due to COVID-19,” there is zero room for Washingtonians who want to oversee the activities of their legislature. In fact, Washingtonians aren’t even going to be permitted to testify in-person in committees – even on legislation that directly impacts them. The legislature says it’s too dangerous for Washingtonians to come in the building and to participate in the civic process, but you’ll still be allowed to visit casinos, ride on airplanes, or protest in support of radical liberal causes.

So, what does this lack of transparency mean for those struggling in Washington State?

That means that restaurant owners will have to take to Zoom to tell the legislature how much hardship the state’s forced closures have caused. It means that pastors won’t be able to express how their ministries were neutralized in a year when people needed them the most. It means that legislative majorities will have almost no resistance to their out-of-touch, climate change-focused, radical social justice-infused, economy-as-a-last priority agenda in Olympia.

FPIW is actively preparing to launch major pushback on both the legislature’s legislative agenda and the lack of transparency the legislature appears poised to pursue.

FPIW’s 2021 Legislative Agenda can be accessed here.

On Wednesday, January 13, at 10:30am, the Senate Committee on Early Learning & K-12 Education will take up SB 5044, legislation to take up Critical Race Theory, force racial resegregation, and impose racial quotas in the public school system. You can keep track on the committee hearing here and watch live on TVW. FPIW has arranged for expert testimony to be given at the hearing.

As if parents didn’t need another reason to pull their kids out of the public school system following the legislature’s insistence on SeXXX Education for all, SB 5044 is your reason. This isn’t an empty bill; sources are telling FPIW that the legislature plans to move and adopt this legislation, which is built on the Marxist principle that the State should have the authority to make decisions not based on merit, but solely on race. We strongly believe the public school system should NOT teach children that one’s race makes them hateful or evil. Bringing back racial discrimination and segregation is just as evil, and the those that do it should utterly be ashamed!

FPIW is standing in the gap to protect Christians from these evil policy proposals. We will stand together with you, and with the thousands of churches and pastors who believe that Truth comes from the gospel, and not from government.

Click here to support our efforts to stand for truth in Olympia.

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