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FPIW Releases Press Statement Regarding Obama Administration Public School Mandate



May 13, 2016 (LYNNWOOD) — Following the Obama Administration’s issuance of threats to public schools not adhering to the new guidelines and interpretation of Title IX of the Civil Rights Act, FPIW Executive Director Joseph Backholm made this statement:

“The President’s behavior is lawless.  If the United States wants a law that forces grade schools, middle schools, and high school to allow boys into the girls locker room, that’s something the Congress would do, not the President. Even if it were lawful, every parent should be concerned that the President just threatened to intentionally diminish the quality of public education by way of removing funding unless we start forcing girls to share locker rooms with boys at school.”

Joseph Backholm is available for comments and interviews Friday afternoon.  Please contact FPIW’s offices at (425) 609-0242 or email Zach Freeman at [email protected] to schedule an interview.


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