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Free Paid Surrogacy, Embryo Transplants, and IVF for all children and adults

The Washington State Building Families Act, also known as Senate Bill 5647 or House Bill 1730, has recently been introduced in the Washington State Legislature, and the Family Policy Institute of Washington is working to oppose this reckless legislation. These two bills win the awards for being the most immoral and scariest bills of the 2022 Session.

First, this bill redefines infertility to include single individuals (without a sexual partner), and those with a sexual partner who then can’t reproduce without a medical treatment. Second, this bill mandates all private and public health plans cover numerous radical fertility treatments.

In other words, all individuals without a sexual partner and all same-sex couples are now considered “infertile” and are now eligible for very expensive fertility treatments paid for by one’s healthcare. Treatments would include embryo transfers, IVF, sex selection births, surrogacy, and egg freezing. Individuals and gay couples are not infertile, they are in fact fertile, but they are just choosing to not use their bodies and reproductive system as designed by God. This bill is a great lie and is done with evil intent.

Even worse, there is no age limit for this treatment. Thus, your 13-year-old daughter or son can now claim to be single or in a same-sex relationship and thus eligible to “buy” a baby (human trafficking) with their parents’ private insurance or a government health plan. The baby can be delivered to the child by a surrogacy service who instantly becomes a single parent. Moreover, young girls now can get pregnant using IVF or embryo transplants with no need for seeking a responsible father and marriage.

All this will be paid by the parents’ insurance and can be done in secret without parental notification or permission. Since comprehensive sexual education is now current law, our public schools will soon be educating and promoting this benefit to all students in all school sex education classes. Clearly, this is gravely irresponsible and a violation of how God designed marriage and family.

If passed, this bill would greatly expand out-of-wedlock births, gay parenthood, single motherhood, and immoral and deadly forms of artificial reproduction, including surrogacy and in vitro fertilization (IVF). In a paid surrogate pregnancy, sperm from a male donor are used to fertilize the egg of a female donor or of the woman who will carry the child to form an embryo. The artificially-formed child is then inserted into the uterus of the surrogate mother, who will ultimately give birth to the child who is then delivered to the person who bought the baby. In the process, the child is intentionally separated from one or both of his or her parents, causing immense pain and suffering for the child throughout his or her life.

IVF is another artificial form of reproduction in which eggs are collected and fertilized in a lab. There are several profound moral implications associated with the procedure, but one of the main problems is that several embryos are formed and only those that appear capable of growing to term are implanted into the mother’s womb. The other baby embryos are killed or dissected and used in Frankenstein style human experimentation research projects. Ultimately, little lives are ended, amounting in a horrendous offense against human life and all that is good.

The science is clear. Without a mother or father, children experience emotional and psychological problems that are then compounded by the issues that come with surrogacy or with same sex couples or single parents raising children. Every child has the right to their mother and father, and we are causing a grave injustice by moving away from God’s plan for marriage and family.

Nearly every issue that plagues our society today, including homelessness, divorce, suicide, teen pregnancy, poverty, obesity, violence, mental health, and other deadly social problems are tied to whether the natural right of a child to being raised by their mother and father in a loving nuclear family is promoted and protected. This legislation would only perpetuate these grave social issues and will not just increase harm to our society but destroy it.

Therefore, we all must oppose these two bills. Freedom in America must not include the freedom for all people to individually buy babies and reproduce recklessly while destroying the nuclear family and a morality in the process.

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