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Gary Bauer: “To pastors and men and women of faith who say they aren’t interested in politics and government: WAKE UP!”

Gary Bauer of American Values, a pro-faith and pro-family non-profit organization, recently sent out a blog called “Faith Under Siege” in one of his well-known “Gary Bauer Today” emails.

The blog covered the story of a Christian high school girls’ basketball team in Vermont that withdrew from a tournament last month after refusing to play a team with a biological male on it. The head of the school made a statement at the time, saying, “We withdrew from the tournament because we believe playing against an opponent with a biological male jeopardizes the fairness of the game and the safety of our players.”

A perfectly reasonable statement, right?

It’s unfortunate enough that this team of female athletes was put in such a difficult position. Play in unfair and potentially unsafe conditions, or forfeit and stand in defense of women’s sports.

But insult piles on insult: the Vermont Principals’ Association (VPA) announced recently that the team is now “ineligible to participate in VPA activities going forward” because of that forfeiture.

The girls’ team with a biological male playing is allowed to continue participating in sports while an actual team of all female athletes is no longer allowed. Priceless.

In his daily email, Bauer also mentioned an incident about a Christian employee of a New York educational agency who was fired from his job after declining to attend a “cultural competency program” for employees related to a coworker’s “gender transition.”

“The training session was ordered because another agency employee was undergoing a gender transition.  So, this session likely had a heavy emphasis on LGBTQ issues, and everyone else was being forced to learn how to accommodate the transgender employee,” Bauer explained.

He continued:

There it is, folks.  A Christian school was “canceled” for its values, and a Christian employee was “canceled” for his values. 

Is this the kind of society we’re going to leave to our children and grandchildren, one where Christians are unwelcome and unemployable?

To pastors and men and women of faith who say they aren’t interested in politics and government: WAKE UP!

You don’t have the luxury of sitting on the sidelines anymore.  Government is very interested in you, and the left fully intends to make Christians kneel in submission.

Bauer is spot on.

Lack of interest or apathy cannot be reason for silence any longer. Washington needs men and women of faith to pay attention, speak up, and push back.

Our country was founded upon the precious right of religious freedom. We mustn’t take that for granted any longer or else it’ll be too late.

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