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Get Your Kids Off Social Media

Our modern society is a dangerous place for all people, especially children. Public schools are riddled with activist teachers indoctrinating students, and television, culture, and social media are wrought with evil ideas that children consume on a daily basis. The assault on our children is coming from all angles and all industries, meaning we must be vigilant and make significant changes to protect our children.


Social media in particular is spiritually strangling our children. It boasts an incredible ability to influence them and alter their perspectives. Minors can view pornographic images and unhealthy videos on all social platforms, distorting and intoxicating their brains. Recently, child advocates have drawn attention to Chinese social network TikTok, as it encourages transgenderism and promotes perverse sexual ideology. Alarmingly, the platform is also partnering with Stonewall, an LGBT rights group, in hopes of promoting more transgender content.


On TikTok, young people are being persuaded to take hormone suppressants and undergo surgeries to remove body parts. Videos with the hashtag “trans” have been viewed more than 26 billion times. Child mutilation surgeries increased by 12% in 2020, and this rate is expected to increase. Children are being encouraged to rebel against the will of God by “changing” the gender He assigned them, and we have a duty to fight back.


Many public schools are also guilty of encouraging immoral thoughts and behaviors in children. As I have previously mentioned, an elementary school in Puyallup was caught displaying pro-LGBT books outside of its library this past summer, and there are surely similar occurrences happening elsewhere in the state of Washington. Some of those books in Puyallup featured same-sex parents and LGBT children, attempting to normalize LGBT themes and market them as cool or trendy. One book even told a story of a 17-year-old who underwent top-surgery to “become” a boy. Disturbingly, it was on display for children as young as six years old to pick up.


These ideas are not just present in library books, but also in teacher-led LGBT clubs, sex-ed programs, and even lessons in the classroom. Public education is no longer what it was meant to be. The devil is deep within our schools and he is using our children to advance evil. We must work hard to be acutely aware of what our children are being exposed to at school and consider alternative schooling options.


No wonder that 39% of our youngest group of adults between the age of 18 and 24 now identify as LGBTQ. This is a public health emergency more deadly than COVID, AIDS, and the plague put together. The future of our civilization is at stake, so we must do more than just speak out. We have no choice but to completely restructure our children’s days, and parents – not the public schools – must raise our children.


We should place rational limits on a child’s use of computers and smartphones and closely monitor the content all children are consuming. “Parents and caregivers have to step in and become the tech police of what their children are exposed to because transition surgeries are being marketed to them and they are buying the illusion as a panacea for all their adolescent angst,” wrote investigative blogger Jennifer Bilek.


Where the devil is, we must be also. This means we cannot ignore the evil world are children are being immersed in on social media. While limiting their access to the Internet, we should also encourage them to engage in family-oriented activities and provide ample opportunities for them to participate in healthy hobbies.


God has entrusted all of us, especially Christians, with the care of His children, and they are in grave danger. At the end of 2021, let us commit to especially pray for the protection of our children, and for all parents around the country – that they may awaken to the evil that surrounds us and shield their children, their legacy, from it.

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