If CRT is Unconstitutional, Why is Washington State Pressing Ahead?

Martin Luther King, Jr

This week, State Senator Phil Fortunato (R) of Auburn, penned a letter to Washington’s Attorney General Bob Ferguson asking a simple question: why should the State be allowed to enforce new legislation that clearly offends the U.S. constitution?

His letter requests a legal opinion, though we already know what Ferguson’s answer is likely to be: silence.

Critical Race Theory, which is literally state-sanctioned racism, is predicated on the belief that the amount of melanin in someone’s skin automatically makes them an oppressor, and that they are unable to escape the label of racist unless they bow before society, repent for their supposed inherent racism, and agree to turn into an ‘anti-racist’ – effectively an evangelist for woke, Marxist ideology.

Does this sound like a familiar story from history?

Fortunato’s letter wasn’t offensive or aggressive, but it did ask the Attorney General directly which, if any, parts of Washington’s new Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) laws were unconstitutional under the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Certainly, if the Attorney General does, indeed, care about protecting the constitution of the United States, as he swore to do under oath, he should objectively consider whether or not the legislature is actually authorized to do what they have done, which is to turn the State of Washington into instituting racism as a state mandate.

This ideology is the exact opposite of what was taught by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and what served as the basis for the Civil Rights Revolution in the United States. His core belief is that men are created equal, and that judgement should not be cast solely on the basis of skin color.

If the “woke” left still believes in the message of Dr. King, they should reject Critical Race Theory and label it for what it simply is: an effort to authorize and sanction retribution and revenge for injustices committed far in the past. But that’s not what America is about. 

FPIW believes that God created man in His image, and that all mankind has a purpose. To reclassify people as more or less valuable in society because of the color of their skin, biological sex, national origin, or social class, is evil.

Every elected official needs to publicly oppose the new racist agenda that is now enshrined into state law, and call for its repeal. Racism will destroy our nation. We applaud the Texas Governor’s recent signing of a bill banning CRT in schools.

Unfortunately, this issue will get zero coverage in the news media in our state. They are literally distorting the real-life examples and calling them “diversity” training. Read this article covering the vicious and dishonest attacks against conservatives to see how bitter this war is getting.

A year ago, I wrote about how the Democratic Party has started another American Civil War, using the tragic death of George Floyd to promote violence and chaos, hiding their real agenda of harming blacks and remaking America into a racist, Marxist, anti-Christian country.

The worse part of all this is that the data clearly shows they are also destroying the black community in the process. Last year, America experienced the largest year-to-year increase in homicides ever recorded in the U.S. And like most abortion deaths in America, most of the murder victims in America are black.

At the end of the day, we applaud the efforts of leaders like Sen. Fortunato, Chris Rufo, and Gov. Abbott of Texas who are stepping up to fight CRT and work to save the black community and Christians from those who wish their destruction. The question we ask all others, will you join the fight?

By Mark Miloscia|June 18th, 2021|Miscellaneous|0 Comments

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