LGBT Community Defends Arlene’s Flowers

Earlier this week, the owner of Arlene’s Flowers, Barronelle Stutzman, appeared on the Kelly File to discuss the lawsuit brought against her by Washington State’s Attorney General, Bob Ferguson, when she declined to decorate for a same-sex ceremony.

She has recently declined the Attorney General’s settlement offer that would have ended the litigation if she agreed to pay a $2,001 fine and agree to surrender the right to make business decisions consistent with her beliefs.

What might be surprising is the amount of support for Mrs. Stutzman from the gay community on the on the Kelly File Facebook page discussing this case.  Here is just a sample of the comments.























The political leadership of the LGBT movement wants to convince the world that the debate over conscience rights and religious freedom is a debate between those who hate gay people and those who don’t.

In reality, its a debate between those who hate freedom and those who don’t.

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