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Man makes “Women of the Year” list

USA TODAY released its “Women of the Year” list and honored a biological man.

Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services Richard/Rachel Levine was born a man and “identifies” as a woman. USA TODAY awarded him for being “the nation’s highest-ranking openly transgender official.”

Ironically, the news outlet is honoring a man simply for claiming to be a woman in a list that’s meant to pay tribute to women.

“Women are absolutely critical in terms of promoting healthy behaviors for themselves and their families and our communities…I think women are often the creators of change. In terms of the changes that we see in our society and our culture, I think that women are those change-makers,” Levine told USA TODAY.

That might have been a nice comment had Levine not been claiming to be a woman himself.

Allowing men to take women’s titles and pretend to know life as a woman is not female empowerment.

The outlet’s decision to include Levine also encourages a lifestyle that ultimately causes vulnerable people harm and regret. Becoming “trans” doesn’t resolve the mental, emotional, and spiritual afflictions people face. In many cases it makes a person worse, even to the point of severe misery and death . Many former transgender people have shared stories about how “transitioning” caused them to suffer and even become suicidal.

The neopagan left does not care about the health and well-being of those with gender dysphoria. They are only motivated by a religious adherence to their evil ideology that will destroy a person and their family heart, mind, body, and soul.

To make matters worse, social media platforms and the mainstream media are backing the left’s destructive delusion and silencing dissenting viewpoints. Let us be clear, this is physical and mental abuse and it must be stopped, and those promoting it punished.

FPIW, like the Babylon Bee last week, was even banned from Twitter for referring to Levine as a biological man after he absurdly received recognition as “First Female Four Star Admiral” – a title that should have gone to a biological woman. Our culture is denying science, reality, and God’s design to perpetuate rampant, anti-Christian individualism.

The Bible commands us to love our neighbors, which requires telling the Truth and actually helping people, not lying and harming people. God gave each of us our sexual and physical biology for a specific reason—and it is criminal for us to mutilate or deny what God has made. “Male and female he created them,” says Genesis 5:2. We do not get to decide whether we are a man or a woman. We suffer immensely when we act contrary to His will and design.

God created men and women to be different and unique, but equally necessary. The two sexes complement each other and together they reveal characteristics of God and reflect His image.

The transgender movement, part of the pagan takeover of our country, is blurring the line between man and woman, good and evil, which undermines God’s design and harms many aspects of society, including the family.

At the end of the day our job is to love Richard despite his affliction, by speaking the Truth of his condition and praying for the transformation of his heart and mind to what God has ordained.

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