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Middle school drag show at Whatcom

Across the country, the left is using drag queen shows to groom children and indoctrinate them with radical gender ideology, and the trend has now made its way to a Washington middle school.

In a few weeks, Whatcom Middle School students will perform in a drag show supported by Bellingham Public Schools.

The Gender Sexuality Alliance Club (GSA) pitched the idea of a student drag show to Bellingham Public Schools, which awarded the club $2,000 to make the “Drop Dead Gorgeous Drag Show” happen. A panel of school district officials will judge the contestants.

LGBTQ proponents advocate for drag as a way to explore gender and sexuality. Most often, drag is performed by gay men who create an on-stage persona, wear makeup, and dress in exaggerated feminine ways. Drag performances are typically for adult audiences because they are highly sexualized.

This means that Bellingham Public Schools is supporting the sexualization of children as young as ten-years-old and encouraging them to engage in immoral, destructive behavior.

Drag ideology is also part of the now dominate pagan political movement to upend traditional sexual ethics and entirely redefine gender to the point of complete sexual freedom for all people at all ages. Ultimately, unless stopped, this will destroy the nuclear family and our country. Therefore, an ideology that will ultimately destroy children and our country obviously should have no place in any school.

This teaches children that their identity lies in their sexuality. They learn that how they look and act should be a reflection of their sexuality, and that gender is a choice rather than an intentional part of who God has made us to be.

Instead of learning that humans are inherently sinful and that passions must be restrained, children are learning to indulge in unrestrained sexual and bodily self-expression. The drag and LGBTQ movements are rooted in the idea that the goal of life is to discover and express one’s true inner self, but this is a lie from the devil. We are called to deny ourselves and lean on the teachings and guidance of God. Children should be learning how to live virtuous, Godly lives – instead, they are learning the opposite.

It’s clear that we can’t trust these district officials with the safety of our children, especially when it comes to the ideas about sexuality. One school board member even owns a sex shop that’s marketed to people of “all ages.”  The evildoers know America has become apathetic and has abandoned Christianity, so they do not even hide their agenda any longer

The isn’t the first attempt to by neo-pagan revolutionaries to indoctrinate Washington children with drag and LGBTQ ideology. The Seattle Museum of Pop Culture is hosting a drag summer camp called “Drag-tastic Summer Camp: The Art of Drag” for students in middle school and high school. Campers will “explore self-expression” and create their own individual drag persona by choosing a name, creating a stage presence, and putting together a costume with makeup.

This year it is middle schools, so I expect elementary and preschools to offer these classes within five years. Sooner, if Disney and their groomer supporters get their way.

The Devil is working hard to groom our children with perverted ideas about sexuality and life. A big thank you to Chaya Raichik, the founder of the Libs of TikTok, who has brought national attention to their devilish plans for our school children, just by reposting all their evil words and videos. She, and her social media effort is under attack by the left, so she needs our prayers.

“But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.” (Matthew 18:6)

Please pray for the protection of Washington children from groomers and leftwing activists in our schools and for a restoration of the nuclear family and faith throughout our nation!

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