Moral Relativism’s Disastrous Consequences in King County

According to a recent report, there has been an alarming rise in gun violence, car theft, shoplifting and more all across King County. Rather than working to combat this crime through refunding the police, King County officials are working to do the opposite by placating criminals and promoting vice, while the law-abiding citizens needlessly suffer because of their “leaders’” ineptitude.

The King County Department of Defense (DPD) is attempting to remove jail bookings for suspects accused of failing to register as a sex offender, first and second-degree motor vehicle theft, residential burglary, and those with fugitive warrants. This would even apply to offenders with extensive histories of criminal acts.

DPD officials argue that putting these suspects in jail puts them at risk of catching COVID, and  lawyers are facing long wait times due to a staffing shortage.

It’s insane that we have to state that the risk associated with letting these suspects – including sex offenders – go free is greater than their risk of catching COVID. King County leaders want to sacrifice you and your children to their neopagan gods of moral relativism and injustice.

As the radicals running our state continue to normalize vices and crime – like pedophilia – it’s vital that we draw a hard line for sex offenders. Recently, yet another radical professor was exposed as a pedophilia apologist. Stephen Kershnar deemed it a “mistake” to call pedophilia wrong. He went on to say, “The notion that it’s wrong even with a one-year-old is not quite obvious to me…I don’t think it’s blanket wrong at any age.” We already wrote to you about the other disturbing instances of attempts to normalize pedophilia and how this dangerous, evil trend began with the rise of pornographic sexual norms (Hugh Hefner) and the formal destruction of normal marriage with legalized same-sex marriage.

Unfortunately, Kershnar is not alone, and there is a growing trend, especially in academia and Hollywood, and our public schools, of justifying and promoting child sexual activity, pedophilia, pornography, and other sexual libertine practices.

For example, at Cedar Park Middle School in Covington, the local librarian believes it is appropriate for 7th graders (11 years old) to read adult theme books normalizing underage gay “sex counselors,” and graphic child sexual activity, profanity, and obscenity. We have reached the point where our public schools now routinely promote porn and child sexual activity to 11 year olds, and if you oppose it, you are labeled a “book banner.”  Promoting sexual activity and porn to any 11 year old is evil and wrong, no matter the student’s “orientation,” and this corrupt libertine movement must be stopped. Librarians don’t have a “right” to teach porn and deviant sexual practices to students, especially when reason, science and faith say it is harmful. We must do everything in our power to combat this growing movement that is corrupting our society.

When we tolerate crimes and promote vice, we are sending the message that the law and morality are meaningless, and we encourage more of these crimes.

The moral relativism that modern day liberalism has fully embraced is completely absent from the truth of Jesus Christ and truth, thus it will only lead to our destruction.

Moral relativism allows cowards and those wishing to destroy our civil society to condone objectively evil ideas for the sake of “tolerance.” As G.K. Chesterton once wrote, “Tolerance is the virtue of people who do not believe anything.”

America, however, was founded on clear religious beliefs and moral principles, not tolerance of evil. In fact, our Founding Fathers recognized that the intrinsically unjust policies of our former tyrants needed opposition. Laws and societal norms are enacted for a reason and they must be enforced. It is up to pastors, elected leaders, and all citizens to engage in the critical public debate about good and evil, sin and virtue.

The immorality of an act does not change with the tides, so our reaction must not either. We have a duty to establish God’s justice in all situations in which it is possible. The DPD and some at Cedar Park Middle School are normalizing and condoning evil acts which must be soundly rejected.

If you don’t speak up for the safety and virtue of your family, your children, and your community – who will?

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