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New York City Announces Protections for 31 New Genders


Do you have a hard time selecting from the traditional two sexes of male and female? Is it difficult for you to conform to the “societal construct” of the gender binary?

We have good news for you! Last week, New York City’s Human Rights Commission created a new list of 31 protected gender identities from which New Yorkers can now choose.

The list includes classic gender identities such as ‘two-spirit,’ ‘pan-gender,’ ‘third sex,’ and ‘gender gifted.’ If it’s been a while since you’ve been to school and you’re unfamiliar with modern gender language, our very own University of Washington offers a convenient guide to gender identity terminology here.

Crossdressers, drag kings, and drag queens are also included as fully-protected identities under the ordinance. Businesses that don’t respect and accommodate any of the 31 protected gender identities could face fines of up to $250,000.

New York’s list of gender identities is so progressive that it contains gender identity labels which didn’t even exist more than a few years ago. Go check your dictionary to see if it defines terms like ‘gender gifted’ or ‘gender blender.’

You can read the full list of newly-minted protected genders from the New York City Human Rights Commission here.


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