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Not Even Abraham Lincoln Was Woke Enough

You may have heard about the San Francisco’s Unified School District’s recent move to rename Abraham Lincoln High School. The District came to the decision after its renaming committee said he didn’t sufficiently demonstrate that “black lives mattered to him.”

Let me translate that for you: the main public school system in San Francisco believes that the man who ended slavery in America and was subsequently assassinated in front of his wife because of it, did not care enough about black lives.

This should serve as an illustration to all of us that the woke mob has no interest in compromise or consensus, let alone reason and sanity. They merely serve to reinstate a new racism; to recreate a society where merit is awarded only on the basis of skin color, with character disregarded entirely. Frankly, it’s the exact opposite of what civil rights leaders like Martin Luther King, Jr. advocated for.

I’m not saying that racism hasn’t existed in this country, and that there aren’t still egregious examples of it that play out in facets of society. But what I am saying is that the remedy to those injustices isn’t neo-racism or re-segregation, it isn’t hatred or societal madness, and it is surely not Governor Inslee’s just-released $356 million “Inequity Program” – the remedy, simply put, is marriage and family.

The remedy to these systemic issues is to ensure mothers AND fathers stay in the home, as a married couple, to raise their children with respect and a sense of responsibility toward each other and toward their community. The remedy is the promotion of faith and the truth of Jesus Christ – where children are taught to love their neighbors and treat others the way they want to be treated. Those values weren’t birthed by secular, woke America – they’re central tenets of the Holy Bible and our Judeo-Christian civilization.

Practically, the remedy in Washington State is to reject and reform public school systems that accept sub-par educational outcomes and racist, sexualized, and frankly, unscientific political indoctrination as acceptable teaching platforms.

San Francisco has demonstrated that it is no longer capable of conveying history accurately or responsibly teaching children. It now exists for no other purpose than to rewrite real history, ignore science, and destroy faithful followers of all major world religions – and specifically Christians with Biblical values. If recent history tells us anything, it’s that Seattle and Washington State aren’t often very far behind San Francisco and California.

With the continued and seemingly-unending shutdown of public schools in Washington State, parents have both the reason and the motivation to end the monopoly of woke, virtue-signaling public school systems. Washington School Superintendent Chris Reykdal has made it clear that the goal of our public schools is now to teach radical SeXXX Education to minors and to have all children taught to hate God, family, marriage, and human life.

Parents need educational choice, and even Superintendent Reykdal knows it. “This is a shitty system to be in right now,” Reykdal profanely said in an education committee meeting aired on TVW. The remote instructional model ‘doesn’t work for a lot of kids,’” he said, as the Seattle Times reported.

Trust me, we know. It doesn’t work for parents either, practically or ideologically.

Our proposal to solve this issue is actually quite simple. Rather than locking up the allotted amount set aside for each student (called the Base Student Allocation) to be accessed only by public schools, the state must allow parents to choose where to spend that money. If they choose to remain in public schools, they can. They can also take that money to a private school, a religious school (which is permitted now that the U.S. Supreme Court has struck down Blaine Amendments, a case in which FPIW participated via amicus curiae brief), tutor pods, co-ops, or for homeschooling.

Those education funds are all taxpayer-funded anyway. There’s no good or logical reason for these funds to remain inaccessible to parents. They’ve only remained so because the public teachers’ unions ensures that a monopoly on the education of children in our state stays in place. As Superintendent Reykdal has implied, the COVID-19 pandemic has proven that public school systems are no longer equipped to provide education.

Parents, withdraw your kids from public schools. Demand that the state allotted education funds and give you the choice to send your kids where they can get the best education – even if that means it’s at your home. It’s time to think big and end the monopoly of woke, underperforming, indoctrinating, self-serving institutions like the public school system in Washington State.

Pray for Gov. Inslee and Superintendent Reykdal, and all our public leaders and opinion makers, that God turns their hearts and minds away from the evil being taught in our schools, and towards the Truth of Christ Jesus.

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