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Now They’re Suing Churches

Recently, Eastside Catholic High School caused an uproar when they dismissed their vice-principal who entered a same-sex “marriage” in violation of church teaching.

In a story that could have implications for this case, as well as for churches everywhere, last week the Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders (GLAD) filed a complaint against a Catholic girl’s prep school which refused to hire a man who is “married” to another man.

 Matthew Barrett applied for a job as the food service director at the Fontbonne Academy in Milton, Massachusetts and was offered the job.  When his pre-employment form listed him as having a “husband” the school informed him that they could not hire him.

The news is not that the homosexual community is suing people for doing things they don’t like.  That’s actually pretty old news.

The news here is that they’re suing churches, something they assured us would NEVER happen because they just respect religious freedom far too much.

To appreciate the significance of this latest development, a brief review of where we’ve come from is helpful.

Originally they just wanted homosexuality removed from the list of mental disorders. “You don’t have to like it or agree with it” they told us, “all we want is to no longer be told we’re crazy for having feelings we can’t control.”

Then they wanted to get rid of the ban on homosexuality in the military. “Don’t ask, don’t tell.  C’mon be reasonable.  All we want is the right to serve our country without being forced to lie about who we are.”

Then homosexuality was added to the list of protected classes in non-discrimination laws.  “Of course we’re not trying to stop you from having your own beliefs or expressing them however you want, we just don’t want to lose our jobs because we’re gay.  It’s not like we’re trying to get married.”

Then it was domestic partnerships with some of the rights and benefits of marriage.  “All we want is the right to visit our loved ones in the hospital. How heartless can you be?”

Then domestic partnerships were expanded to have all the rights and benefits of marriage. “We don’t want to change marriage, all we want is the same rights and benefits of marriage.  We’re tired of being treated like second class citizens.”  And they told that story about wanting to visit people in the hospital again even though it was a non-issue.

Then they decided they needed to redefine marriage after all. “All we want is to change civil marriage. We wouldn’t dream of interfering with a churches right to define marriage however it wants and act accordingly.  We love religious freedom.  Hey, I go to church too.” And they told the story about wanting to visit loved ones in the hospital…again…because it still worked. Tehehe.

And now they’re suing churches.

Despite the complaint against the Catholic school for making decisions consistent with their church teaching, Bennet Klein, the GLAD lawyer representing Barrett is STILL trying to make the case that he supports religious freedom.

There’s a Baghdad Bob component to all of this that’s actually kind of funny.

In a statement on their website, Bennett Klein, the GLAD lawyer representing Barrett said, “Our laws carefully balance the important values of religious liberty and non-discrimination. When Fontbonne Academy fired Matt from a job that has nothing to do with religion, they came down on the wrong side of the law.”

You see, all of you who think your religious freedoms are being taken away are mistaken.  They love religious freedom. In reality they’re just clarifying your confusion about what religion actually is.

In the future, if you have any questions about which parts of your church actually have to do with your religion you can check with your local GLAD lawyer. They’re happy to serve.

Lots of people have been observing the conflict between freedom and the sexual liberty movement from the sideline for decades.  I get it.  Conflict really isn’t that fun.  And isn’t life more fun when everyone thinks you’re awesome?

We’ve come a long ways since homosexuality was removed from the list of mental disorders and you’ve been quiet all the while.  They’re suing churches now. They moved out of the closet, slept on the couch for a while, eventually sent you to the guestroom when they took over the master bedroom, and now you’re standing with all your stuff in the front lawn while a guy is changing the locks on the doors.

At what point does ones desire to avoid conflict become cowardice?  It’s a question worth asking because there are tens of millions of people in America handing over their freedoms without so much as a disapproving look.  After all, there’s so much negativity already.

Maybe you resent the implication.  Fair enough.  Then answer this question.  Where is your line in the sand?

Is it when they sue you? Is it when you can no longer get a business license because the state mandated non-discrimination policy to get a business license violates your beliefs? Is it when they sue your church? When they sue your friend’s church? When they close your church? When they put your pastor in jail?  When they take your kids from you to prevent your brand of hate from being spread to the next generation?

Or perhaps there is nothing you won’t put up with so long as no one accuses you of being “divisive” or “political”.

Winston Churchill once quipped that an appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile hoping it will eat him last.

That’s certainly one option.

Or, those who haven’t been eaten yet could just decide to stop the crocodile. Up to you.  If you make him stop he’ll certainly be upset with you and may even have some harsh words…in public.

Your motives will be misrepresented, they’ll say you hate gay people, and if you’re a pastor someone is sure to accuse you of co-opting the gospel for political purposes. But, it could allow us to preserve the liberty so many risked their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor for.  Are you sure you’re ready for that?

Yeah, may not be worth it. Here, eat this guy.

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