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Once again, Democrats choose ignorance

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Democrats are scared of their own agenda. Last week, a group of Democrat lawmakers walked out of a committee meeting en masse rather than watch a short video from a liberal “gender transition” surgeon explaining how the procedures are performed on children.

After sitting through seven hours of markup in the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee, it was finally time for Florida Representative Kat Cammack to voice her opinion about a bill that would subsidize gender transition surgeries for minors as part of a children’s hospital funding bill. 

“It was mentioned by my colleagues on the other side of the aisle, several times, that we don’t understand this process,” Cammack began. “And so, for the sake of clarity, really, I’d like to show a video, a brief interview that was conducted [with] an expert in gender reassignment surgeries from Oregon’s health care system.”

Immediate murmurs began spreading around the room, shortly followed by objections from her Democrat counterparts. “We don’t want to be held hostage by whatever it is that you guys are doing,” one Democrat lawmaker said. “This has turned into a circus,” another interjected. 

After several minutes of back-and-forth, the chairwoman allowed the Democrat lawmakers to leave the room and watch the video before it was played into the record. After viewing it, one representative said he “[doesn’t] even understand what the person is saying,” despite what the surgeon is saying being abundantly clear and easy to understand. The chairwoman called for a vote, which was 26-18 in favor of playing the video before the committee. As it began, the Democrats walked out, and returned when the video ended.

We encourage you to watch the following nine minute video in full, to hear Congresswoman Kat Cammack’s overview of the meeting, the meeting itself, and the video she urged the committee to show. Click here to view the video.

It is all too clear that Democrats are scared to face the reality of their own agenda. They can’t stomach what “gender transition procedures” on minors truly entails. Intentional ignorance from elected officials is a massive disservice to their constituents. The least we can ask of these Democrat lawmakers is to delve into the available research about transgender medicine and consider the following question: would they allow their prepubescent child to undergo such treatment? We strongly believe their answer would be a resounding no.

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