Opinion: NARAL Should Pay for My Guns

NARAL should pay for my guns.  And ammunition, regardless of its members’ moral or ethical objections.

Every person now has an unalienable constitutional right to an affordable health insurance plan, which means that, pursuant to leftist logic, society has a moral obligation to provide this right to everyone at no cost.  Quality healthcare, they say, includes access to contraception free of cost to the patients, which must be provided by the employer.

The tradition of abortion rights is loosely found in the right to habeas corpus, which originates with the idea that one has the right to one’s own body. Of course, according to leftists, this right to habeas corpus includes any entity within the body, living or nonliving, attached or unattached.  We knew that this is Roe v. Wade’s interpretation because Planned Parenthood v. Casey confirmed as much a decade later.

This new “right” to affordable health insurance – derived indirectly from such fluid concepts like “body,” “person,” and “pursuit of happiness” – has been now deemed as “unalienable.”  The ability to utilize this sacred, “unalienable right” to obtain contraceptives and abortion is seen by many as paramount, superseding the rights of others to conscientiously object from participating in such programs. And because it’s an unalienable right, according to leftist reasoning, society has an obligation to provide it to everyone, free of cost.

Let’s be consistent with our logic.

The U.S. Constitution directly and explicitly guarantees every person the right to “keep and bear arms” – in fact, it was once interpreted as a mandate unto itself! By extending the logic of requiring employers to provide abortions or birth control in the interest of health and wellness, regardless of their objections to abortions and birth control, we should also mandate the distribution of personal firearms to ensure “the security of a free state.”

Any common man knows that enabling an armed citizen to shoot a madman before his work is finished can effectively prevent loss of life or limb, and resulting depression for hundreds of others.  The founders who guaranteed that right with specificity had the foresight to see what might happen if citizens were left unarmed.

Yet, because it doesn’t match the inviolability of the right to an abortion, the right to keep and bear arms is often ratcheted down by leftists in the aftermath of crimes.

The government has mandated coverage of ever-increasing abortion and contraceptive rights while suppressing the right to keep and bear arms.  Why must my tax dollars be used to provide health care, abortion, and contraception, but NARAL is not compelled to pay for my guns?

Christopher Fossedal is a guest columnist at FPIW.  

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