Planned Parenthood, Stunned by Court Turnover, Plans Blitz

Planned Parenthood is finally admitting that it is losing.

In an email to supporters this week, abortion giant and pagan bankroller Planned Parenthood began promoting a website that shows the damage inflicted upon it by changes in the genetic makeup of our nation’s court system.

Despite conservatives suffering some very painful, short-term losses at the U.S. Supreme Court this summer, Planned Parenthood is forecasting serious, long-term problems ahead for its own future – and we should be thrilled and energized by that.

While definitive and consistent victories remain to be seen, you can look at the numbers and see that conservatives have effectively reshaped the nation’s courts to be friendlier towards life, liberty, and an originalist view of the U.S. Constitution.

Since the end of the Obama Administration, more than 200 conservative judges have been appointed to lifetime positions on federal courts. In that same time frame, 58 meaningful abortion regulations have been passed at state levels.

We still have work to do, but the abortion industry is terrified – and they should be.

While Planned Parenthood isn’t thrilled that conservative justices have been confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court, they are particularly concerned that conservatives have been so successful with confirmations to the Circuit Court level. “[The Circuit Courts are] where the Trump administration is building a lasting legacy,” they said, “by filling circuit courts at record pace with young, ultra‑conservative judges who will serve for a lifetime.”

Here’s the bottom line: Planned Parenthood is admitting that it is worried. While Planned Parenthood cheered the recent strikedown of abortion regulations in June Medical Services v. Russo, it also expressed deep concern that Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh showed, by dissenting in the case, that they are unwilling to continue toeing the line for Roe v. Wade.

This is progress for the pro-life movement, and regression for the godless agenda being propagated by Planned Parenthood and leftist unions.

As we approach the upcoming election season, we need your help to make sure the pro-abortion candidates Planned Parenthood is attempting to boost into victory here in the Evergreen State face significant opposition.

FPIW has a long track record of producing quality, non-partisan voter materials that make an impact in key Washington races at the local and state level. But we need your help to get those materials into the hands of voters.

This is part of good citizenship – doing our part to ensure that our advocacy accomplishes the mission we have: to be salt and light, and to help preserve a God-fearing society that steps up when needed.

Please continue to pray that our efforts and resources would be multiplied to meet the moment, and that we would ultimately prevail over the evil and darkness that manifests itself through candidates and agendas that have protected the abortion industry from scrutiny.

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