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Prepare: We’ve Just Entered 1984

Many of you have probably read the book 1984, in which George Orwell writes about “Big Brother” – the watchful eye of a dystopian, totalitarian government, where the state controls all information and news and, by extension, all of society, and uses it to punish anyone they disagree with.

If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it; Orwell’s parallels to what is happening this year, especially this week, are prophetic. However, in our case, it is Media and the Big Tech who aim to control all the news and information in our country for nefarious purposes.

This week, three weeks before Americans vote and learn who will be the President, Media and Big Tech companies finally showed, in a big way, their true colors and intentions for America. They have become the great deceivers, willing to do anything to deceive voters, steal an election, and control the American people.

They spike stories, lie and slander reputations, incite violence and murder, increase racist divisions and hatred, fire and cancel people from their careers, punish businesses, and break journalistic and ethical norms and standards in order to destroy their opponents, win a presidential election, and remake America.

Just this week, we saw two examples of our dystopian future, first involving the suppression of a New York Post story about Joe Biden, and then the firing of Dori Monson for speaking a basic factual truth about biology.

The suppression of the Post story started when Twitter began shutting down Twitter accounts across the nation – including respected news editors, elected officials, and even White House officials – for sharing what they deemed as “misinformation.” New York Post Editor Sohrab Ahmari’s described this as “…a Big Tech information coup…This is digital civil war…”

Today, anything critical of Joe Biden is now considered “misinformation” by our leftist Orwellian Tech Masters and must be suppressed. Facebook and Twitter have stated that they will not distribute the New York Post’s investigative exposé about Joe Biden’s potential involvement with his son Hunter Biden’s corrupt dealings – because the story contains “misinformation.” This a national crisis that can’t be unmade.

And in Seattle, we saw KIRO Radio fire longtime radio host Dori Monson for daring to tell the truth in a simple tweet that one “..could go to Olympia tomorrow and change my birth (certificate) to say I was a girl…HAHAHAHA.”  Within 24 hours, Dori was fired by the 1984 Orwellian masters at KIRO Radio.

The message is now clear to all those who dare speak the truth: we will silence or fire you! Meanwhile, one can daily find thousands of ugly, bigoted, or insulting comments directed at President Trump, Christians, or conservatives – by the news media, Hollywood, or prominent leftist leaders – and not one person is ever rebuked, silenced, or fired!

So, why is 1984 happening?

The radical pagans now control the media and their partners in Silicon Valley, Hollywood, and seemingly in most papers in the nation. They cannot allow Americans the opportunity to think for themselves, or to worship in peace, or to have a fair election that might elect someone who would respect or protect American, Christian institutions and values.

It is that simple; our new Orwellian wannabe masters believe America and Christianity must be destroyed, and they will say anything, and do anything, to make sure this happens.

While they control many governments in Washington State, radical pagan leftists still need to control the federal government to fully implement their plan for America.  In this election, it has never been more important to vote, and to ensure your family, friends, and likeminded neighbors do the same.

“They promise freedom, but they themselves are slaves of corruption. For whatever overcomes a person, to that he is enslaved.” (2 Peter 2:19)

1984 can only happen in a world without Truth and God. However, if we speak and spread the Good News of Jesus Christ, and rebuke the evil ones attempting to deceive and divide us, we will persevere!

We must pray for an awakening, not just for Americans who have grown weary of the spiritual battle our nation finds itself in, but also for those who allow wickedness and paganism to dominate their words and actions.

Pray, speak truth, and love our enemies!

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