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Progressive Catholic Activist McCann Capitulates to Race-Shaming, Casts Catholic Bishops and Catholic Charities Under the Bus

My Catholic Church and my Catholic Charities organization, is racist.”

In a stunning video production, the CEO of Catholic Charities of Eastern Washington, Rob McCann, in the worst display of “woke” virtue signaling I have ever seen in Washington, directed racist, bigoted statements against the Catholic Church and against his own Christian nonprofit organization.

Rob McCann is not a Catholic whistleblower concerned about some real corruption he witnessed; he is a false prophet who has completely disregarded the Bible and his own Catholic Church’s teachings on Christian social justice and racism. He is using his “Christian” leadership position to push a false political agenda – one that will not just confuse faithful Christians all across the state, but ultimately harm the black community as well.

In the video, after declaring that he and the Catholic Church are racist, he expressed support for the Black Lives Matter (BLM) organization, which seeks to destroy the Catholic Church and all of Christendom with a radical atheist, racist, sexual libertine, and Marxist agenda.

Yes, black lives, both born and unborn, matter. But the Black Lives Matter organization seeks to end religious observance entirely, and to undermine the integrity of the nuclear family movement. Just read BLM’s statement of belief.

BLM and other radical groups are literally destroying Seattle, and every day we learn that more black lives are ended through violence in urban areas. Has McCann ever publicly confronted those who are actually destroying black communities, families and children in our state with a corrupt agenda of sex, drugs, abortion, violence, and faithlessness?  How can Rob’s organization succeed in its mission if Rob doesn’t even understand basic Catholic or Christian doctrine or know who is working for those who wish to destroy his Catholic community and our state?

Rob McCann never mentions that the real evil, death, and racism being by perpetrated against black and poor Americans is being done by Planned Parenthood and the radical LGBTQ groups who, for decades, have targeted Churches, babies, and families. Rob McCann is serving their radical agenda that will destroy his own Church and community.

Today, in order to end the lingering racism and biases in our society and bring true justice and peace to the black community, all Catholics, Evangelicals, and Christians of all denominations must unite to confront the false prophets among us. We must repent of our own sins, then work to ensure our society and our social programs promote faith, family, marriage and virtue. We must clearly proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the public square.

So, why was this done? Was this a coup or a power play to intimidate Bishop Thomas Daly and the faithful Catholic Community here in Washington? Since last September, Rob’s attack is the fourth such brazen, public attack by a rebel “Christian leader” directed against their own faithful Catholic or Evangelical Christian organization here in Washington State.

These “Christian” leaders have attacked CRISTA Ministries King’s School in Shoreline, Catholic Kennedy High School in Burien, Gonzaga Law School in Spokane, and now Rob McCann is helping those who are targeting Catholic Charities and the Spokane Diocese in eastern Washington.

Prepare! These deliberate attacks will only get worse all across Washington. We must demand more faith from our faith leaders. Those individuals charged with speaking on behalf of and leading Christian organizations cannot be allowed to take positions that are blatantly against the Gospel of Jesus Christ in order to destroy an institution from within.

Rob McCann is correct, he is racist. Now he needs to resign. FPIW will stand with all Christians in Spokane as together we prayerfully push back on the evil growing in our country.

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