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Recapping the Primary Results: Biggest Loser is the Democratic Party

Early election results are in and a few trends are becoming very clear.

For Christians, social conservatives, and those right of center here in Washington State, it looks like our legislative losses have bottomed out in the legislative districts; there will likely be little change in the roughly 56-to-44% split between Democrats and Republicans in the House and Senate.

The bad news for us is that, while gains have been made in small town and rural areas, it looks like King County and larger portions of Pierce and Snohomish Counties are getting bluer. Winning statewide is becoming more and more difficult for those of us with a conservative worldview.

However, paradoxically, the biggest loser this primary election is the current Democratic Party and its liberal leadership and base. The radical socialists have been very successful in gaining power and seats over the last ten years, and they have now, literally, declared open warfare against incumbent establishment Democrats – both in the streets of Seattle and at the ballot box.

It looks like two senior, liberal incumbent Democratic legislators will be taken out by much more leftist Democrats in both the 5th and 11th Legislative Districts (LDs). Even former Speaker Frank Chopp, representing the 43rd LD (Capitol Hill, Fremont and the former CHAZ/CHOP zone) is in some trouble this year. He is facing his toughest race, having garnered his lowest vote total in a primary (53%) in 26 years. There is a chance the socialists may take him out this November.

What goes around is now coming around for the liberal Democrats who run this state. For the last 16 years, the liberals have been purging or replacing all the moderate and conservative Democrats (myself included, back in 2012) from elected office and power. Now they are, in turn, being purged and replaced by more energetic and radical socialists and pagans from the LGBTQ, pro-abortion, BLM-obsessed wing of the party. The establishment Democratic Party, like someone just bitten by a ravenous zombie, is oblivious that they are dead men walking, and are now Democratic in name only.

I am convinced that when the radicals “righteously” move, in the next two years, to rename our state (after all, we can’t have it named after a slaveholder President!), the Democratic Party will rename itself the “Socialist Party,” rather than to continue being associated with the party that led the racist, slave-owning side during the Civil War.

All in all, we live in trying times for Christians and social conservatives of good will, but now, more than ever, we are called to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. Our state is not getting leadership and justice from those in power, so now it is time for our prophetic voice to be heard, calling out the evil that is consuming our nation.

Here’s an initial recap from the primary, and a look ahead to what awaits:

Governor’s Race

Governor Jay Inslee, getting more votes than expected, broke 50% in early returns, and will face off against police chief and newly minted Republican nominee Loren Culp of Republic in November. Fellow Republican challengers Joshua Freed and Tim Eyman finished a distant 3rd and 4th in the vote tallies.

Lieutenant Governor

Denny Heck and Marko Liias, two Democrats, will face off against each other in the race for Lieutenant Governor, after five Republican candidates siphoned enough votes from each other to ensure that none finished in the top two.

Attorney General

Attorney General Bob Ferguson will be forced to take on the Republican choice for Attorney General, Matt Larkin of Woodinville. Larkin is a former prosecutor, graduate of Gonzaga, and has also worked as a speechwriter at the White House.

Secretary of State

One of Washington’s few remaining statewide elected Republicans, Kim Wyman, finished first in the Secretary of State primary, followed closely by Democrat Gale Tarleton. This race will be close in November.

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Superintendent Chris Reykdal, another far-left liberal, will square off against Maia Espinoza in the race for the Superintendent’s office this November. This is a critical race, as the Superintendent decides what children in our state will be learning. Reykdal was a vocal supporter of Planned Parenthood and a proponent of the legislature’s SeXXX Education mandates and has worked to implement them as quickly as possible.

And on that note, voters, and specifically Washington parents, will have an opportunity in November to repeal the new statute that mandates public schools to teach sex to children, through the R-90 initiative.

If rejected by a majority of voters, R-90 would strike down the radical SeXXX Education Bill passed by the legislature and signed into law by Governor Inslee, which mandates children in public schools be fed a far-left diet of sex education, including information about many constructed gender identities and sexual orientations, information on oral and anal sex, and more. This is over-the-line move by the legislature opens up the door to the most radical, perverse sexual education curricula this nation has ever seen.

Legislative Races of Interest

    • Liberal leaning Democrats in the legislature are being purged by voters who want more radical representation. Sen. Mark Mullet (D-5) trailed a more leftist challenger, Ingrid Anderson, after the primary votes were counted.
    • Zach Hudgins (D-11), an 18-year incumbent from South Seattle/Renton is losing to a much more radical young Democrat who is a member of the State’s Human Rights Commission.
    • Dean Takko, from the 19th District in southwest Washington, finished first in the primary, but was followed up by two Republican candidates who, among them, received more votes than Takko. Republicans are eyeing this seat as a pickup with Jeff Wilson in position to win. Incidentally, both Mullet and Takko are the two most right-leaning Democrats in the Senate Democrat Caucus.
    • Brian Blake, (D-19) a longtime, moderate, blue-collar Democrat, finished second in the primary to a Republican candidate, Joel McEntire. He is the last moderate Democrat left in the House Democrat Caucus. When I was elected in 1998, there were twenty moderate and conservative Democrats in the House. In a few months, there will be zero.
    • Republican Senators Steve O’Ban (R-28) and Ron Muzzal (R-10) are both in very close races and could be potential losses for our side. Expect big money to gravitate to these districts in November.

All in all, it looks like both legislative chambers will only change by a seat or two in either direction, but the big winner is the radical socialists who will, within a year or two, fully take over the Democratic Party. And we all know what they intend for Christians, children, and our country.

Soon, we will comment on the policy differences between Inslee and Culp and the other races of interest. We are working diligently to produce non-partisan voter guides for this year’s general election in order to educate you on the policies being promoted. If you’d like to make a contribution to assist in the distribution of critical resources for Washington voters in critical areas, please click here.

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