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Reclaiming the Public Square as Christians

The Leavenworth, WA Chamber of Commerce made several alarming changes to traditional Christmas customs in the town, revealing the secular, pagan-oriented priorities of local authorities.

First, the Chamber told the Knights of Columbus (KOC), a Catholic men’s service organization, that their booth was removed from this year’s Christmas events. “Our booth has been a feature of the Christmas lighting for the past 30+ years,” wrote KOC member Benjamin Herreid in a Facebook post.

In addition, newly elected officials also changed the longstanding name of a local tradition from “Christmas Lighting” to “Village of Lights.” These two incidents clearly reveal hostility toward Christianity, and town officials made their priorities even more apparent by inviting a group to speak at the event that couldn’t be more different!

Herreid explained, “the Chamber had the audacity/naivety/stupidity to kick off this non-holiday by inviting Krampus [Seattle,] a group of demonic horned half-goat cosplayers to give speeches at our pavilion and pub crawl throughout the downtown terrifying our children.”

At an event that is supposed honor the birth of Jesus Christ, town officials have chosen to include demonic influences while barring the KOC. The Devil is working to sabotage Christians and our celebrations of Christ’s birth through the constant silencing of the Christian viewpoint in the public square.

Removing the KOC, secularizing the name of the tradition, and inviting Krampus Seattle to speak at the event were no accidents, but part of a real effort to influence our nation in a very dangerous way. For years, we’ve seen attacks on Christmas, but now we are seeing our leaders openly and deliberately inviting darkness into community life.

As Herreid said, “It seems like our tolerance for intolerable things has become unlimited at the same time our tolerance for all things good and holy has become nonexistent.” We cannot forget that the Devil is very real, and he will take any opportunity we give him to infiltrate our culture – and we’ve given him plenty of opportunities.

Probably the most degrading attack on Christianity came from a recent Saturday Night Life skit  which had a “Hip-Hop Nativity segment which featured Mary as a stripper, Joseph as the “baby daddy,” and Jesus as a twerking infant.”  This type of evil mocking would obviously NEVER be directed at Islam’s Mohammad or any other cultural hero of the radical left—only we are fair game.

These attacks on Christianity are becoming the norm throughout the country. Corrupt individuals and organizations are specifically seeking positions of power and using those positions to reject God and spread evil.

For 160 years it wasn’t like this. Up until the 1960s, our governments, schools, and culture openly promoted God, Christian virtues, and teachings of Jesus Christ. It was these values, consistently supported by presidents, Supreme Court decisions, legislators, and the public that ensured all people and America prospered.

Unfortunately, a persistent minority of anti-Christian radicals, aided by foolish Christians of both parties, were able to convince enough Supreme Court judges and the public at large that our nation would be better if we were secular and that God was not needed. The radical pagans’ plan worked and now we are where we are: Christians being silenced and the Devil making public appearances in the growing darkness.

Today, we echo Herreid’s hope that his town “finally wake up and let Leavenworth be Leavenworth with caroling, St. Nick, the Nativity, Christmas Lighting and old men selling sausages.”

Despite the opposition that we face, Christians must begin to boldly express our faith in Jesus Christ and reclaim our place in the public square and in government. Those who preach separation of “Church and State” have rejected the first 160 years of our nation’s history and are telling us to reject Christ in favor of great evil. This guarantees that the Devil will run our nation and advance the darkness!

This Christmas season and beyond, we ask that you pray for a revival not only in Washington, but in our country. Pray that all Christian begin to recognize the Devil at work and reject leaders who have rejected God. We need our government and our public spaces to embrace Christ and His teachings once again.

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