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Religious Freedom Rally Highlights “SeXXX Education” and Child Prostitution Legislation

Last Tuesday, hundreds of Washingtonians rallied together on the steps of the Capitol in Olympia to speak up on behalf of religious liberty and to denounce several radical and dangerous pieces of legislation being crammed through the legislature by the extremists that control it.

Some of these bills are so extreme they almost sound like jokes.

First and foremost, the fact that the majority Democrats think it is appropriate to overhaul our state’s sex education curriculum to the point that kindergarteners will be learning about subject matter most adults have a difficult time reading, is a problem. These children are five years old – they should be learning how to read, write, count and tie their shoes, not about who should be having sex with who and how to do it!

The state’s effort to take over on this issue shows that they have absolutely no regard for parental rights whatsoever, nor do they have an interest in presenting a balanced, fair, and honest approach to sex education. Sex education is now merely another method to indoctrinate children at the earliest age possible.

It’s estimated that over 800 people showed up in opposition to Senate Bill 5395, the Comprehensive Sex Ed bill. We were pleased to learn nearly 700 signed in as opposed to CSE!

FPIW was grateful to be able to work in partnership with Informed Parents of Washington, Human Life of Washington, Slavic Votes, Students for Life, and hundreds of our likeminded Washington friends who took a day off from work and drove long distances to attend the hearing. God bless all those moms who had to stroller their children between buildings, crowds and elevators. Watch the hearing: together, WE DID make a difference!

The second bill we’ll be prioritizing next week, House Bill 1775, is a bill that would legalize underage prostitution. Yes, you heard me correctly. Shockingly, the bill has actually made a lot of progress and may be practically knocking on the Governor’s door if legislative leadership has their way. It is almost half-way through the legislative process already. This bill is scheduled for a public hearing this Tuesday, February 25th, at 1:30pm in the Senate Human Services, Reentry & Rehabilitation Committee.

The only thing that will stop these terrible bills is if concerned parents step up and speak out.

Attending hearings and providing your thoughts is a critical part of the public process, but it isn’t always possible to drop everything and head to Olympia like those who showed up last week on the SeXXX Education Bill. If you want to participate in the process but aren’t able to attend in person, there are several ways you can make a difference:

  • You can designate FPIW to be your voice during committee hearings. We have trained lobbyists and citizen-advocates who can and will show up to committee hearings to make sure your views are represented clearly and decisively. You can support this effort by making a one-time or recurring tax-deductible and confidential donation to FPIW.
  • You can provide written testimony for the record by emailing committee members. Please note that there is no guarantee that your written testimony will be read aloud during the committee hearing – in fact, it is highly unlikely.
  • You can share your positions with your legislators by calling the legislative hotline at 562.6000.

FPIW also offers free citizen training programs, called Olympia 101, that teach Washingtonians how to be effective advocates at the State Capitol. We still have seats available for some of the sessions this spring. Please feel free to sign up, bring your family, bring your friends, and get ready to battle against the radical leftist ideas that are being proposed in our state.

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