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Same-Sex “Marriage” & Obamacare: Similarities?

What do Obamacare and same-sex “marriage” have in common?  More than you might think.

In both cases, people created well intentioned policies that ignored immutable laws of the universe. In both cases, support was generated by intentionally withholding relevant information and accusing those who asked critical questions of wanting to harm their neighbors.

Of course we hope everyone will have high quality health care.

But Obamacare couldn’t deliver on its promises  because the idea that you can provide insurance for 30 million people who don’t currently have insurance, while reducing the cost of insurance for those who do have it by $2,500 a year, all while reducing the federal deficit violates economic realities.  Nothing is free.

Of course we don’t want the government telling people who they can form relationships with.

But same-sex “marriage” can’t succeed because it is based on premise that, with respect to marriage and parenting, men and women are interchangeable; a belief that is biologically, physiologically, hormonally, and neurologically false.

Still, unlike Obamacare, there has been a feeling, even in conservative circles, that same-sex “marriage” is here to stay.

Maybe that was presumptuous.

The now well chronicled ouster of Brendan Eich from his  job as CEO of Mozilla for making a 2008 contribution to California’s Proposition 8 campaign could be a watershed moment in this entire conversation.

Through his forced resignation, the tolerance assassins have (once again) served notice that if you want a high profile job in the private sector, you have to agree with them about marriage and sexuality-or at least never have done something public that would indicate otherwise.

It’s the kind of “accountability” that every totalitarian government adopts.

The public has soured on Obamacare because reality is not conforming to the promises made.

Could the same be true for the same-sex “marriage” movement as well?

Despite the fact that 33 states still define marriage as a relationship between a man and a woman, and only three states have voted for same-sex “marriage”, it is becoming increasingly obvious that America is being sold “power and control” under the guise of “love and commitment”.

Hey, if you like your religious freedom you can keep it.  Period.

The public didn’t come to a vigorous public defense of the florist and wedding photographers who were being sued because they didn’t want to be part of a same-sex “wedding” because most people aren’t florists or wedding photographers. .

But any of us could be Brendan Eich.

All he did was have an opinion. We all have those.

To their credit, some on the left are acknowledging that the leadership of the so-called gay rights movement have become the zealously, narrow-minded moralists they once despised.

Bill Maher, who is completely sympathetic to their policy goals, thinks Eich’s ousting is evidence of the fact that there is a gay mafia and if you cross them you get “whacked”.

Andrew Sullivan, a gay activist who helped pioneer the entire idea of “gay marriage” said, “the whole episode disgusts me.

As it should. Maybe it was the irony that triggered his gag reflex.

Only four weeks before Eich was forced to resign, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer vetoed a bill protecting religious freedom because of left-wing hysteria that all the gay people would be fired for being gay.

When was the last time a group of right-wing, fundamentalist rallied together to get a gay person fired from their job?

I can’t think of anything either.

But we all know about Brendan Eich and Phil RobertsonFrank Turek and Craig James have similar stories.  They’re just the beginning of the list of people who have been fired or threatened to be fired because they expressed their views on marriage.

Then there is: Barronelle StutzmanElaine Hugenin, Melissa Klein, and Jack Phillips who have had their businesses threatened because they do not want to personally be involved in a same-sex “wedding” ceremony.

And remember Dan Cathy? They couldn’t really get him fired, since he’s the owner of Chick-fil-A, but they convulsed loudly enough in response to his opinion about marriage to basically make the franchise a symbol of the culture war.

America may be gullible, but we aren’t completely brain dead.

The homosexual lobby got where it is today by playing the victim.  But at some point, the narrative that “we’re firing all the bigots because we don’t want to be fired by all the bigots” won’t be taken seriously.

If they can’t play the victim, they can’t make people feel bad for asking questions.

And once people start thinking again, watch out.  Public opinion can be a fickle thing. Just ask Obamacare.


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