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SB 5688: A Perverse Trinity of Evil

Satan – also referred to as the Devil, Lucifer, or “against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world” – has infiltrated our society. Jesus Christ, prophets, and many faithful Christian leaders throughout history have warned us about the evil one, but for some suicidal reason, we have stopped talking about the evil one, and have stopped believing in his existence.

Unfortunately, Satan and his followers today are working full-time to pass dangerous legislation here in Washington. These dark forces are now influencing many of our leaders and lawmakers, and in the case of the Democratic Party, the news media, and Big Tech, they now serve the evil one full-time, without embarrassment.

Oh, I will get some pushback from some folks on this, but really, can anyone really deny that the Democrats’ full support of human sacrifice (abortion, suicide, child mutilation & sacrifice) is any different than the genocidal human sacrifice practiced by Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, or the Aztecs?

And as for as Republican or conservative leaders, they have essentially been scared into silence, or have been convinced that God and Satan are irrelevant for consideration for public debate in our society. Today, they deliberately evade joining the fight against the most evil bills of our time.  Even worse, most Republicans leaders now hide their Christian faith, to the point of denying Jesus Christ. They are scared to associate with Christian activists, FPIW, or a Christian Agenda publicly. They would rather stay on good terms with the Devil and his minions (news media, Democrats, Big Tech, public colleges, liberal institutions, etc.) and debate issues according to their rules.

As a result of buying into Satan’s plan to remain silent about evil, they have sadly picked a path that only leads to our destruction. They have ensured the introduction and passage of an increasing number of gravely evil and destructive bills being introduced into our legislature. As people of God, we are required to take a stand.

One of the evil bills introduced this year, SB 5688, requires merging medical entities including hospitals and clinics to provide abortion services, reproductive care, assisted suicide and sex surgeries/treatment. This would ultimately expand access to sinful and murderous life-ending procedures, and the mutilation and sexual abuse of children.

We know that life is sacred and ending it at any stage is a grave offense against God. This issue should be the top issue Republican leadership opposes, but they will remain silent, and only use their political capital on other less controversial issues. This is not how one leads in this time of some of the greatest moral debates in our country’s history.

This bill also aims to expand access to assisted suicide and will enable health professionals to ensure a patient’s death by providing the means or information needed for the patient to end his or her life. God alone is the author of life, and it is beyond our jurisdiction to determine when someone innocent should die.

Lastly, the bill would increase gender “reassignment” surgeries, which we know to be both immoral, dangerous, and deadly. “God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” (Genesis 1:27). When children mistakenly believe that they were born the wrong sex, we are harming and abusing them, not helping them by affirming this moral and scientific lie. Satan’s minions tell the world that stopping the mutilation of children leads to child suicide, but they are lying. Sex mutilation surgeries, radical hormone treatments, and normalizing dangerous “orientations and genders” will increase child suicides and is just another form of child sacrifice.

The pagan-run Democratic Party, now almost uniformly supporting Satan’s agenda, is now pushing the unholy, perverse trinity of human sacrifice with abortion, assisted suicide, and child mutilation in Washington. This is the antithesis of everything Jesus Christ preached. Today, we must firmly reject Satan and all his evil works and empty promises, and actively and publicly work to implement the teachings of Jesus Christ. Can we convince our Republican leaders to publicly do this also?

Next week, I will discuss the scariest and most evil bill introduced this session, but today it is up to us to shine the light of Truth over the forces of Satan and act as a voice for Christ in these harrowing times. It’s time to pray and act for a Christian revival within our state and within the Democratic and Republican Parties and a renewed adherence to God’s commandments, not Satan’s.

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