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Should we protect energy choice? Initiative 2066 aims to stop the natural gas ban

Should government regulate our appliances, or should it be hands off?

Families can be attacked economically and one such attack is happening in Washington State, say those concerned about the natural gas ban. They ask: Should a family be forced to spend up to $40,000 to convert away from natural gas? How about adding up to $200 per month in energy costs? 

“No way,” proclaim Let’s Go Washington and other organizations, including FPIW Action. This ban is environmental extremism, they assert, and it’s time to defend families and stop the natural gas ban that Gov. Jay Inslee and the Democrats put into law. 

It’s time, they say, to draw a line and stop this direct hit on our homes: No more government micromanaging.

On the last day of the 2024 legislative session, Democrats pushed through ESHB 1589, a bill that ultimately allows for utility companies in Washington to eliminate the use of natural gas in our homes and businesses. Not surprisingly, this ban has raised the ire of citizens across the state. “At 2am on the last day of the legislative session, Jay Inslee threatened legislators with political retaliation if they voted against his natural gas ban,” Brian Heywood of Let’s Go Washington wrote. “He bullied enough legislators to go against their own constituents and support his natural gas ban. Inslee wants to dictate what we can and can’t use to heat our homes, cook our meals, and keep our businesses running smoothly.” 

Questions in the debate:

  • Should we protect energy choice?
  • Should government regulate our appliances, or should it be hands off?
  • More deeply, what is the purpose of government? 

Make no mistake: The economic impact on families is profound. The Building Industry Association of Washington, Project 42, and others estimate that if such a ban on natural gas remains, it could cost families up to $40,000 to convert, as well as up to $200 more per month. “All these costs will be borne not only by homeowners, but also by renters, because housing providers must recoup their costs,” Senator Chris Gildon explained. “They will all need to replace furnaces, water heaters and gas stoves. They’ll also be faced with upgrading electrical panels and fully rewiring older homes with knobs and tubes.”

Citizens of Washington have the ability to override bad legislation like ESHB 1589. The Washington State Constitution allows for citizen initiatives. That’s where Let’s Go Washington’s Initiative 2066 comes in as they recruit people to sign I-2066. (By the way, FPIW headquarters is proud to be a signing location. See picture above.)

Let’s Go Washington notes that this initiative gives voters the power to:

  • “Protect natural gas for heating, cooking and more.
  • Stop state and local governments, and their agencies, from banning, restricting, or discouraging gas and gas appliances in homes and businesses, like restaurants.
  • Make sure gas utilities will continue to provide natural gas to customers who want it.
  • Stop the state from limiting natural gas service to homes and businesses, like restaurants and breweries.
  • Protect people from having to switch to only electric energy.
  • Keep the power on when our energy grid is at capacity in super cold or hot weather.”

In order to be placed upon the November ballot, this initiative needs more than 400,000+ signatures by June 28th. The sprint is on! The economic fate of families must be defended.

Additional Resource: “An Overview of Natural Gas Bans in the U.S.”


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