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Spokane and Seattle school district policies: aspirin vs. pronouns

Two of Washington’s largest school districts, Spokane and Seattle, have adopted policies which require parental consent to provide over-the-counter medication to students, but not to address students by their preferred name and pronouns and humor their gender dysphoria, a new report finds.

Former U.S. Department of Education press secretary Angela Morabito conducted a study for the Defense of Freedom Institute for Policy Studies to evaluate the policies in some of the largest school districts in the United States. The study found that “[a]t least three million K–12 students in 25 districts are given free rein to choose their gender identity at school by changing the name and pronouns used by school employees without parental consent, even though their schools require parental permission to dispense over-the-counter medication to those same children.”

Affirming a child’s confusion as reality at a tumultuous time in their primitive years will no doubt contribute to their dysphoria, depression, and mental health issues. The place of the school is not to override parental preferences or enforce radical beliefs on children.

The report continues that the policies these school districts have adopted “imply that children who are not yet mature enough to decide when they need an aspirin are mature enough to decide whether to go through the school day as male, female, or something else entirely.”

These policies are forcing a harmful liberal agenda on our children and yet again take power away from parents and hand over authority to raise our children to the government. Schools should never withhold information from parents about their children, especially when issues of gender dysphoria in young adults so often leads to suicidal thoughts and actions.

The Biden administration and the school districts of Seattle and Spokane continue to reject the role of parents and common sense in their education policies, considering surgical, chemical, social, and psychological transitioning of minors a valid and necessary form of “healthcare.”

Change begins in our own backyards. Seattle and Spokane parents, will you stand for this?

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