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The Binary That Really Does Need to Go Away

The left today is waging a war on “the binary”.  The binary they want to destroy is the gender binary, which is the idea that everyone is either male or female.

They now argue, with a completely straight face, that there are infinite genders and you can be any gender you want or none at all.

Not only do they believe this new concept of gender is true, they also believe that people who disagree deserve scorn, ridicule, and harassment.

Therein lies the irony.

In their attempts to eliminate the gender binary, which is real and helpful, they have created a moral binary that is imaginary and harmful.

Their moral binary operates like this: there are two types of people, good people who believe in abortion and the sexual revolution and bad people who don’t.

The way this is working out in practice is just as ridiculous as it sounds in theory.

Leading up to Christmas, the LGBT mob protested a donut shop in Portland, Maine because they had partnered with the Salvation Army to identify needy families in the community they could help at Christmas.

Not seeing the problem?

Well, according to the mob, the Salvation Army is discriminatory because it is a Christian organization and, you know, sex stuff.  Therefore, the donut shop’s attempt to help needy families was actually bad because they were also helping the Salvation Army.

So let’s picket and leave a bunch of nasty reviews.

In Seattle, the Union Gospel Mission which has, for 85 years, helped meet the immediate and long-term needs of the homeless regardless of who they are, was sued because they wouldn’t hire someone who could not abide by their faith-based code of conduct.

Little Sisters of the Poor, is a nearly two-hundred-year-old nunnery. Their members take a vow of poverty and commit their lives to caring for the elderly.

After successfully resisting efforts from the Obama Administration to make them pay for birth control, several states have recently renewed the effort to make them do things that violate the beliefs that have led them to a life of service.

The lesson in all of this? Regardless of what you do in the course of your life, if you disagree with them about abortion, sexuality, or gender, you are a “bad person” and deserving of the scorn that comes with it.

That’s messed up.

There’s also a lot of irony in the fact that a movement that spent most of the last century railing against moral absolutes developing such an inflexible moral sense of right and wrong.

Though there may be a silver lining in the fact that they are now acknowledging that right and wrong actually exist.

Sometimes people do the right thing, sometimes they don’t.  Sometimes we disagree about what the right thing is.

Regardless, the idea that everybody is either all good or all bad is something we need to move away from quickly.

That’s a binary we should be happy to get rid of.

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