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The “Detransitioner Bill of Rights”

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The Left is all too thrilled to push untested, dangerous medical interventions onto children confused about their gender identity. That is – until the child realizes that the transgenderism movement is a lie, and they are meant to be the gender they were born as after all. The moment they decide to “detransition,” the Left denies their existence and leaves them to face the lifelong consequences of puberty blockers, hormone treatments, and the surgical alterations that will never fully heal. 

That’s where the “Detransitioner Bill of Rights” comes into play. Created as a legislative model by the medical nonprofit Do No Harm, this framework provides guidance on the detransition process, which can be mentally, physically, and financially taxing. Do No Harm hopes to step in when the LGBT agenda monumentally fails these confused children and can help fund the medical treatments or medication necessary to reverse transition procedures and can also help detransitioners bring legal action against anyone responsible for pushing radical treatments onto them as a minor, if the individual desires to do so.

The “Detransitioner Bill of Rights” itself offers a model for state governments to follow, detailing a wide range of policies to protect children and support detransitioners who have been abused by the medical community by holding the doctors accountable for up to 25 years after their initial “transition.”

“Medical professionals should publicly acknowledge the plight of detransitioners and research ways to help and support those who regret undergoing these procedures,” Do No Harm’s chairman Dr. Stanley Goldfarb said, noting that their legislative roadmap is “a crucial step in protecting the rights and well-being of children who have been subjected to experimental sex change treatments.”

Twenty-two states have already taken steps to ban or restrict gender transition procedures for minors, but none have enacted legislation to protect and advocate for detransitioners who were put in harm’s way by these experimental practices without informed consent. The “Detransitioner Bill of Rights” is the next step in the process of fighting back against the radical LGBT agenda and reclaiming traditional values and the validity of God-ordained biology.

As always – FPIW is here to defend and advance your Biblical values in the public square.

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