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The Greatest Systematic Racism in America is the Ongoing Black Abortion Holocaust

The Associated Press (AP) recently published an egregious article claiming that minority women are harmed by pro-life abortion bans.

The article mentions that the abortion rate among black women is extremely disproportionate to that among white women and erroneously blames state pro-life laws for the high black abortion rate. What a lie!

In reality, blacks and minority women across the country have the highest abortion rate because the abortion industry and the radical left have deliberately targeted low-income and minority areas for racial destruction—Hitler would be proud! As cited in The Federalist’s refutation of the AP article, nearly 80% of Planned Parenthood abortion facilities are in minority communities and 90% of the industry’s “mega facilities” are strategically placed by non-white neighborhoods.

The facts don’t lie; there clearly is systemic racism occurring in America. When 20 million blacks have been killed since 1973, this easily makes this the greatest racial genocidal campaign targeted toward a racial minority in world history, greatly exceeding Hitler’s killing of 7 million European Jews. Unfortunately, because the neopagan left wants the killings to continue, we will never see this taught in our public school system, mentioned in the media, or investigated by the DOJ.

Further, the AP ironically attempts to present abortion access as the (final) solution to the black question of high infant mortality rate in Mississippi where black babies are four times more likely than white babies to be killed in an abortion.

Contrary to the lies that the AP is spewing, having an abortion cannot improve any of the issues that minority women face, it only exacerbates them.

The abortion industry’s dark history of racism is well documented. Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger relied on the resources of the Eugenics movement, and her board was almost entirely composed of Eugenicists. When it was first established, the organization’s conference speakers, literature authors, and service providers were all avid Eugenicists. Sanger herself was a self-proclaimed eugenicist and even supported the Ku Klux Klan.

Abortion advocates often dismiss Planned Parenthood’s racist beginnings, arguing that Sanger is now dead and no longer impacts the organization. However, Planned Parenthood has modern connections to eugenics separate from its founding.

Throughout Planned Parenthood’s history, many board members, chairmen, executive directors, vice presidents, and other leaders have been deeply involved with the American Eugenics Society. Today, we can clearly see the organization’s continued eugenicist attitude through its intentional placement of abortion clinics.

The Biden administration recently announced its alarming plan to address racial disparities by providing crack pipes to addicts in order to “advance racial equity” as part of the 2022 Harm Reduction Program. Yes, it is not enough to have to just the abortion industry killing blacks in America, we need to get our drug treatment system involved in the mass killings as well.

The kits provided to drug addicts at drug treatment centers everywhere will include “safer” pipes to use when they smoke crack cocaine or other substances to reduce their chances of becoming infected.

The Biden administration is not helping, but enabling drug addicts, which includes blacks and minorities, to die. This is not the solution to racial equity, but another Final Solution program.

We have a different plan. FPIW’s 2022 legislative agenda addresses racial inequity with programs promoting Christian Virtues of faith, chastity, drug abstinence, recidivism, work, and true civics based on citizenship, our founding documents, and our classical Judeo-Christian Western Civilization.

In our work to end this racial genocide, will also include repealing CRT bills and countering the multi-faceted campaign that is destroying the black community with sex, drugs, and destructive government programs that are paganizing the black community into oblivion.

That is also why we are fighting back against the abortion industry’s evil practices. Currently, we are actively opposing HB 1851. This bill would increase the number of individuals allowed to perform abortions and add gender neutral terms to replace “woman.”

It’s clear that the media is intent on spreading dangerous, evil lies that ultimately influence the masses for the worse. This is the devil, who is the “father of lies,” at work (John 8:44). It’s up to us to shine the light of Truth in our dark culture. We must boldly expose the abortion industry’s demonic motives and practices.

Please pray for our country, to wake up and oppose this evil and see past the lies about systemic racism from the media and the abortion industry that is destroying blacks in America.

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