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The Legalization of Hard Drugs in Washington State Has Begun

Throughout our nation and here in Washington, the radical pagan elites, having taken over virtually every health care, academic, and nonprofit organization, are now using their “expertise” to justify working to reduce crime, suffering, and some of our most pressing community and problems by legalizing all criminal vices and self-destructive behaviors.

Having fully normalized and legalized marijuana, they are now working to normalize and legalize every other deadly illegal drug. In this vein, state lawmakers have proposed HB 1499, which would effectively legalize all “personal” drug possession to include heroin, meth, cocaine, and anything else. If someone, even your school-aged child, is caught with “personal” drugs, up to and including a heroin needle inserted in their arm, no arrests would be made and no fines imposed. Instead, the individual, adult or child, would MAYBE get referred to some type of fake social service program.

It does not matter that those found to be possessing drugs for commercial purposes may still be arrested and charged; legalizing personal use will send a clear message to criminals: it will be much safer and easier to sell and distribute their products, out in the open, to everyone.

Additionally, what exact amount of drugs constitutes “personal” use? The sponsors of HB 1499 have not defined the amount in the bill, and do not intend to – those kinds of specifications will be kept out of the bill and left to regulatory agencies to define at a later date. Even worse, language in this bill specifically states the regulators will be advised by current illegal drug users in order to determine the appropriate personal use amount. Within a few years, there will be no limits to the amount of drugs an individual may legally possess.

Supporters of drug legalization have no interest in making a judgement on what’s unacceptable for another human being to do, no matter how deadly it is – morality is completely subjective. To give serious thought to what is personally good for the development and well-being of humanity is not acceptable in today’s morally relative society.

This push for drug legalization is not dissimilar from letting rioters destroy streets, businesses, and homes in the name of “justice,” or legalizing all petty crimes because of disparate impacts on minorities. Radicals propose plans of false peace and justice at every step, and brand their policies as designed to “help” people – daring others to disagree. Critical thinkers who dare oppose these immoral and deadly practices are slandered as inhumane, racist, and/or unscientific.

“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits.” (Matthew 7:15-16)

By legalizing all deadly drug use for both children and adults, the proponents of HB 1499 (whether they realize it or not) are ultimately paving the way for destruction of civil society. Drug legalization will not just disparately impact and damage vulnerable children and families; it would also target and destroy black families and minority communities the most.

Other than legal abortion, I don’t know what other bill would harm and kill more blacks and vulnerable children than this bill. Just as the Western powers used opium to control and enrich themselves during the Opium Wars against China almost 200 years ago, today’s pagan elites are using drug legalization to enrich themselves and to control minorities and other vulnerable populations.

Thus, we all know the next step after legalization. Within a few years, Democrats will move to privatize and tax these normalized hard drugs, in order to fund some new, can’t do without, government program. The rich elite get richer, and the most vulnerable suffer and die.

“Woe to the shepherds who destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture! says the Lord.” (Jeremiah 23:1).

Join FPIW is OPPOSING the passage – and opposing even the consideration – of HB 1499 here in our state. We must have compassion for the addicted and vulnerable without compromising the safety and security of our communities and families.

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