The moral relativism on abortion will reach its limit.

More than ever, our country is suffering due to moral relativism – the idea that truth itself is relative. This leads to situations where, confronted with the same reality, people can’t agree on what the facts are, let alone the moral judgments that come about as a result of those facts.

Nowhere is this more true than the debate over abortion.

You would think that as a society that has become obsessed with the latest science, there would be interest in hammering down a firm set of agreed upon definitions, but instead we see the abortion industry and their shills saying things that are obviously untrue.

From saying that the heartbeat detected by ultrasound is manufactured by the machine, or showing pictures of a gestational sac and asking “does this look human to you,” these deliberate deceptions exist because when held up to the light of truth, the utter moral failing of abortion becomes clear.

Human life is inherently valuable, and the rise of new technology, like the “4D ultrasound” that captivated the media in September, has made it harder and harder to deny the humanity of the baby.

As this technology spreads, and we get access to clearer and clearer images of the developing baby, the arguments that the abortion lobby makes will be challenged like never before, and the obvious facts will be laid out so clearly that moral relativism cannot win out.

We must always come back to the truth. The abortion lobby is built on lies, and the only thing that reliably defeats a lie is the truth. Pray for the women of our nation, that those blinded by these fraudulent stories are able to find their way back to truth. Pray that we find more and more effective ways to share the message of life, and together we can end abortion in America.

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