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The Tragedy of Continued COVID Shutdowns

As science and politics continue to battle over the boundaries of reality and objectivism, unanticipated casualties are emerging – products of fear, violence, misinformation, and outright political deceit.

Seeds of doubt seem to be deliberately scattered everywhere as Americans try to sort out fact from fiction. Big tech has jumped into the fray to censor information they see as inaccurate even as they loudly proclaim their desire for one side to win, perpetuating the distrust Americans have towards both the media and corporate virtue signalers. It seems to me that Google’s Search and News functions are about as honest as Soviet Pravda or Germany’s Goebbels when it comes to religion, politics, and culture.

With the election quickly approaching, America is a deliberate mess caused by those wishing our country harm.

We obviously observed that COVID – at least the initial wave of it – did some serious and regrettable damage to our vulnerable populations, such as those in nursing homes. Leaders were right to move quickly in dealing with a disease for which a cure was not immediately known. But that was six months ago.

Since then, suicide rates have climbed to record levels. Families are stretched to their limits as the fallout from forced isolation and unemployment take their toll on those in a fragile mental state or those needing to relax or unwind at a gym, park, or an entertainment/sporting event. Domestic disturbances and abuse rates have risen, too, as children and adults are forced to stay at home and have nowhere to escape. And on top of that, churches and other faith facilities that are equipped to help handle home, family, and community crises are shut down and considered to be non-essential.

We’re living in a world filled with serious problems that were created by politicians who hate the church and believe the government should be the answer to every. single. problem.

We can see from other states that have reopened that: a) COVID treatments are largely successful; b) the risk of death is substantially lower than it was at the beginning of the pandemic, and; c) that it is possible to move towards societal normalcy without significant negative impacts.

So, why aren’t we? The short answer is “Presidential Campaign Politics.”

It seems silly on its face, but the battle over Big Ten Football is a perfect illustration of how politicians on both sides are using COVID as an attempt to swing the presidential election.

Here’s the short version of the story:

The Big Ten Conference decided last month that it was going to cancel the football season because of COVID-19, despite three other major conferences moving forward with their seasons.

After public outcry from parents and students, President Trump intervened, attempting to assure the conference’s commissioner that the season could be safely played and that it should be – for the sake of all student-athletes who need athletics for their education, universities who need the revenue, and for those who attend sporting events for leisure purposes. President Trump mentioned on Twitter how productive the conversation was and was optimistic that the season would soon resume.

Think about what this battle really means though – it means that university presidents, some of whom have already been caught making distasteful comments about POTUS, would, by voting to allow the season to go forward, give President Trump a big political win. Not to mention, many of the Big Ten schools and their respective fans live in swing states and, silly as it may sound, polling shows this battle has become an issue that influences voters in those states.

Here’s the point. The COVID shutdowns, including those here in Washington State, are aimed at diminishing President Trump, churches, and people of faith – not protecting public health—in order to win an election in November.

When Jesus witnessed injustice, he took action against evil. It’s time for us to take action as well, by resuming church activities, protesting unlawful religious discrimination, and forcing our leaders to revoke “public health” restrictions that were created simply to defeat President Trump.

We don’t have the luxury of waiting for the presidential elections to end to return to normalcy. The nation, fiscally, psychologically, and morally cannot handle eight more weeks of shutdowns, eight more weeks of pretending to teach kids by Zoom at home, eight more weeks of suicide from isolation, eight more weeks of churches and other religious institutions being silenced, or eight more weeks of suppression for struggling business owners.

Churches, Businesses, Schools, Leisure – it’s time to move forward and enter the recovery phase—today! It’s time for Christians to elect people who value our freedoms and uphold our Constitutional rights. With less than eight weeks until the 2020 General Election, please make effort to register your loved ones, friends and church family members to vote for those who best represent a Christ-centered vision and values for Washington and America!

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