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The War of Words: False Prophets vs. The Faithful

The Bible is unequivocal when describing God’s role in the creation of human life (Psalm 139:13), and this has informed Christian teachings on the subject for centuries – far before abortion became a commonly practiced procedure in the U.S.

Yet, somehow, some Catholic and Protestant clergy and politicians have found it within themselves to contradict or redefine the teachings and the words of their own respective churches. They wish to put aside thousands of years of solid, foundational, life-centered thinking, to justify supporting heretical Christian candidates, like Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, or Andrew Cuomo. These leaders may call themselves Catholic or Protestant, but they have ZERO interest in promoting the tenets or beliefs of their own faiths. In fact, these folks are likely to lead an impending persecution of the faithful.

The scriptures and doctrines of the Catholic Church, for example, leave absolutely no room for the practice of abortion to be tolerated, yet Bishop Robert McElroy of San Diego and Cardinal Joseph Tobin of Newark appear to believe otherwise.

Of course, some clergy have NOT lost their faith or courage during this contentious, brutally disruptive 2020 election season, in order to provide light and truth to the faithful. Bishop Thomas Daly of Spokane made the news by publicly weighing into what it means to be a pro-life Catholic when he publicly rebuked those who wish to redefine “pro-life,” in order to allow the permissibility of voting for a pro-abortion ticket that supports intrinsic evil.

In reading Bishop McElroy’s statement, I noticed that he never mentioned that abortion is the ‘preeminent’ moral issue for Catholics,” Bishop Daly said, noting that Bishop McElroy had previously dismissed abortion as an issue not important enough to vote upon.

But in his description of what constitutes a Catholic, there is no mention of loving Christ and loving the truth,” Bishop Daly went on to say. “The truth is that life begins at conception and must be protected and reverenced until natural death. That belief forms who we are as Catholics, but it is left out of his definition of being a Catholic, as far as I am concerned.” He continues: “But if abortion is intrinsically evil, which Bishop McElroy admits to, how can Catholics vote for a candidate like Biden?”

Good question, how can any Catholic or Protestant vote for a candidate who supports intrinsic evil? Would they also support candidates who support other intrinsic evils like death camps, slavery, genocide, Christian persecution, or child sexual abuse?

Yes, according to the logic of these radicals, and Bishop McElroy it seems, tyrants like Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, and China’s Xi Jinping can be considered worthy of your vote and support because they all support the “pro-life” issue of free, government-run universal health care in their respective countries! Yes, these false prophets believe that supporting Obamacare makes one pro-life – never mind the genocide of 600,000 unborn babies each year it enables and funds!

This is the third public controversy that Bishop Daly has weighed in on this year. First, he rebuked Catholic Gonzaga Law School when they set up an LGBTQ Law Center that would promote anti-Catholic teachings. Then a few months later, he publicly rebuked the Spokane’s Catholic Charities CEO Rob McCann when he went full-in with radical, “BLM,” Marxist, identity politics when he announced that he and Catholic Charities were “racist”.

There is a war of words going on by those who serve evil.  These heretics and false prophets have been deliberately redefining words for evil purposes for years in order to silence, slur, or subjugate Christians. Words like marriage, love, family, rainbows, equality, freedom, sexual, racism, bigotry, sexism, white supremacy, human rights, health care, abortion, patriarchy, misogyny, husband, wife, mother father, male, and female have all been redefined to silence debate and to suit their evil agenda.

Just last week, right after Judge Amy Coney Barrett used the words “sexual preference” in her confirmation hearings, we were told that this phrase is now considered “offensive,” because it implies that those who identify as LGBT were not born that way. Within hours of the hearing, Miriam-Webster Dictionary bowed down to the Radical Thought Police and clarified in its definitions that the term is, in fact, “offensive.”

And over the weekend, we learned that Wikipedia will no longer allow anyone to state that marriage is defined as between one man and one woman. The Christian belief on marriage is now considered “homophobic” and will not be allowed on their site.

And today, the radicals want to redefine what it means to be a Christian and pro-life, and, if they get their way, they will ban anyone who disagrees.

Watch out false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves” (Matthew 7:15).

False Prophet or Faithful? These deliberate redefinitions by the false prophets are a sign of the times. We need bolder clergy willing to rebuke, teach, and hopefully change the hearts of those “Christians” – false prophets, heretics, and wolves in sheep clothes who desire to commit evil and lead all of us astray, especially our children.

I take comfort, and caution, in Jesus’ words of warning in Matthew, that we will all be held accountable for the fruits, good or evil, that we bear!

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