Top 10 News Stories of 2020

As we close out 2020, we’re reflecting on the most impactful news stories of the year for Christians – in Washington State and across the country. There was some good, plenty of bad, and a fair amount of ugly.

Here’s our rundown of the 10 most impactful headlines of 2020:

  1. President Trump places Judge Amy Coney Barrett, a faithful Catholic, on the U.S. Supreme Court to replace the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. This move firms up an originalist/conservative majority that has the capability to overturn Roe v. Wade. Here’s the story.
  2. U.S. Supreme Court sides with FPIW in Espinoza case, equalizing public and religious schools and opening the door for taxpayer funds to be used in parochial education. FPIW had filed a brief in this case that opposed unconstitutional Blaine Amendments. Here’s the story.
  3. Catholic Kennedy High School attacked by gay rights activists for asserting its beliefs on natural marriage and the teachings of the Catholic Church. It faced a large, 1000-person public protest, which included many of its own students, while pro-marriage counter protesters numbered a dozen. Here’s the story.
  4. Governor Inslee closes Churches, ignores the First Amendment & legislature. Unlike abortion clinics, casinos, and pot shops, the governor deemed worship “nonessential” and closed and/or restricted all churches & religious activities in his COVID-19 response maneuvers. Here’s the story.
  5. America’s Second Civil War was started by the Democratic Party (again), and promptly ignored by the media as radical “new racists” exploited George Floyd’s tragic death to normalize mass looting, riots, and anti-Christian hate crimes – while ignoring the destruction of the black community. The riots burned churches and businesses and toppled historic statues in order to force America to implement Critical Race Theory, Black Lives Matter ideology, and to place Biden in the White House. Tragically, black on black crime and the destruction of black families and communities soared and were promptly ignored by all on the left. Here’s the story.
  6. Radical pagans establish CHAZ/CHOP zone and attempt takeover of Seattle. As the City of Seattle continues its march towards “Woke Paganism,” it continues to promote crime, homelessness, socialism, hard drugs, and madness – it also forced out the City’s black police chief. Here’s the story.
  7. Spokane’s Bishop Thomas Daly publicly corrects Gonzaga University and Spokane’s Catholic Charities CEO for promoting sin and opposing Catholic teachings. Radical pagan views have no place in the Catholic Church. Bishop Daly stood strong for the faithful on this issue. Here’s the story.
  8. Referendum 90 fails and the Planned Parenthood Sex Ed Program becomes law, turning all public schools into anti-Christian, child-abuse-driven, sexual indoctrination centers. Public schools are now required to teach children radical, politically driven, and LGBT-affirming sexual content. Here’s the story.
  9. News media and tech industry fully converts to a propaganda machine, formally adopting Joseph Goebbels’s indoctrination and disinformation practices in order to hide election fraud and elect the most anti-Christian president ever – Joe Biden. Here’s the story.
  10. FPIW and FPIW Action successfully represented all Christians in the public square by developing and promoting a comprehensive statewide Christian Policy Agenda. The Agenda mobilizes Christian grassroots stakeholders to hold elected officials accountable while defending Christians in America’s 2nd Civil War. Here’s more about the 2nd Civil War.

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