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Tracy Castro-Gill’s racist “leadership” exemplifies the moral depravity of public school

The City of Seattle has spent years aggressively pursuing initiatives and curricula to indoctrinate students with perverse and racist ideology. The Daily Wire recently published an exposé on Tracy Castro-Gill and her disastrous role in Seattle Public Schools.

Tracy Castro-Gill, the former director of ethnic studies, presents herself as a Chicana woman who overcame homelessness and has dedicated her life to fighting racism. She implemented her radical ideas on race into schools to catalyze social change. That’s the story she told, at least.

Apparently, Castro-Gill is a pathological liar. Teachers applauded her when she told her inspiring story about growing up in poverty and avoiding assimilation, but it was all made up. “Everything since [Tracy] moved to Seattle has been one big lie,” said her father. “It hurts to be the subject of a complete fabrication.” Further, her personal life is riddled with scandal and child abuse. She married a convicted sex offender and forced her young daughter to live with him. Then she pressured her mentally ill child to become “gender-nonbinary.”  This is child abuse and she should go to prison if it is true.

These details are disturbing enough, but parents should be utterly revolted when they realize the full extent of her involvement in Seattle Public Schools.

Castro-Gill’s passion for supposedly ending racism landed her a district-wide job as an Ethnic Studies Program Manager. She was paid $93,000 a year to raise awareness about racism among children. Disturbingly, she is a self-proclaimed “radical atheist” and “far-left anarchist.”

Under her direction, Seattle Public Schools replaced parts of their math curriculum with a Critical Race Theory (CRT) based “math ethnic studies.” Instead of learning traditional math, students were required to explain how math is “used to oppress and marginalize people and communities of color” and “how math dictates economic oppression.”

From the exposé:

In spring 2018, the math ethnic studies program was piloted in six schools. The school board had approved the pilot program to decrease the achievement gap, writing “1. We affirm our belief that the integration and addition of ethnic studies into the education of Seattle Public Schools’ students can have a positive impact on eliminating opportunity gaps. 2. We direct that the Superintendent incorporate ethnic studies . . . as a high-leverage gap eliminating strategy.”

On the next state math exam, the performance of black students at those schools plummeted. At one pilot school, John Muir Elementary, black achievement had been rising steadily every year, but all those gains and more were wiped out, with the black passing rate dropping from 28% to under 18% the next school year. At another pilot school, 69% white and with only seven black students, the white students’ pass rates also plunged, from 60% to 36%.

Confronted with these results, Castro-Gill replied that she never had any intention of narrowing the achievement gap. Gaps, she believed, are a good thing, because they ensure that we focus on race. “Closing ‘Achievement/Opportunity’ gaps is a Western way of thinking about education,” she said. “We should never ‘close’ that gap because it provides space for reflection and growth.” It also justified jobs like hers.

Castro-Gill’s dangerous pagan worldview was put into practice and Seattle’s children – particularly black children – suffered as a result. Parents need to see this kind of information, but the lazy, corrupt mainstream media rarely cares to peek behind the curtain of Big Education and the racist harm to black children. It should terrify us that people like Castro-Gill are given positions of authority and influence over our children, and actually paid to lead children to sin using our tax dollars. There are many other educators working to instill the same sinful ideology into our children. These people should be nowhere near children, much less playing a crucial part in their education.

If we care about our God-ordained role as stewards and protectors of our children, we will fight back against CRT and demand a complete overhaul of our school systems. This is a spiritual battle for our children. The devil has infiltrated our schools in his attempt to take hold of the most vulnerable.

Demand transparency from your school boards. Be deeply involved in your children’s education, and work with other parents to vet teachers and administrators. If we identify any red flags in the people who work with our children every day, we must speak up. We are obligated to speak up. We cannot underestimate the influence that educators hold and their willingness to impose immoral beliefs in the classroom.

God has entrusted us with the care of His children, and they are in danger. Please pray that Godly, virtuous leaders retake control of our school system and rid our schools of the evil ideas that have infiltrated them.

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