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Under Trump, Fight Against Human Trafficking Intensifies

In the mainstream media’s recent mission to topple Trump’s presidency at any cost, some of his accomplishments have flown under the radar. One accomplishment that should be garnering considerable media coverage (but remains largely unreported) is recent success in the fight against human trafficking.

According to an article by Liz Crokin of, over 1,500 human trafficking arrests have been conducted by the FBI in the last two months alone. Naysayers are already contending that these arrests are in no way associated with the president. Some go as far as calling these victories “mythical.”

The facts seem to contradict the narrative proposed by the cynics. Some of the more prominent arrests for human trafficking include:

  • January: During the Detroit Auto Show Law Enforcement Officers made over a dozen arrests and rescued 14 adults and 2 underage victims
  • January 27: Operation Someone Like Me resulted in 42 arrests by LEOs in Tennessee
  • January 26-28: Operation Reclaim and Rebuild resulted in the arrest of 474 individuals with 27 adult victims and 28 underage victims rescued.
  • February 9 : Twenty-nine sex traffickers and 723 johns were arrested nationwide during the National John’s Suppression Initiative.
  • February 21: Nine individuals arrested with 11 women and 1 underage victim liberated in New Orleans.
  • March 7: San Joaquin County Sting resulted in 10 individuals arrested and 2 victims saved.
  • March 10: The Guardian Angel Human Trafficking Operation resulted in 9 arrested.

Law enforcement’s increased emphasis on reducing human trafficking has resulted in more arrests related to human trafficking than the entire 2014 calendar year (in which there were only 480 arrests) and the 2015 calendar year (750 arrests). Such a dramatic increase in arrests suggests that something has changed. It seems to me that Trump’s vociferous support of law enforcement since the first day of his term could be the catalyst.

In any event, we can certainly celebrate that our children and millions of children nationwide are safer due to the devotedness of local law enforcement and FBI agents. The media should leave politics aside and give mention to the success and dedication of those working to eliminate human trafficking.


Kyli Erickson is a guest contributor to the FPIW Blog.

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