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UW Med pushes deceptive conclusions RE transgender “care”

UW Medicine was caught promoting false claims by researchers who argue that “gender-affirming care” results in positive mental health outcomes for teens with gender dysphoria.

The research did not support this claim, and UW was forced to amend a press release and remove a video it published advancing the claim after it was questioned by the Jason Rantz Show. However, by the time UW made these edits, the false information had already begun circulating.

It seems as though researchers made these false claims to advance radical gender ideology at the expense of truth. The researchers refused to disclose the raw data for review, which is a major red flag.

Moreover, one of the UW researchers has made her bias very clear, indicating that she cannot be an objective researcher. “De-politicization of transgender folks would do so much. We’re just a community of people trying to live our lives and get the care we need, the science indicates that we need, in order to function as well as we can,” she said in a public statement.

Further, UW led a large PR campaign to advertise the research and advance its political agenda. UW’s press release even mentions “transphobic healthcare” laws that have passed in other states – laws that prevent child abuse – and the need to “expand access to gender-affirming care.”

We can reasonably conclude that the researchers were simply aiming to prove what they already believed to be true. This is why they drastically overstated their findings and manipulated the data.

Several media outlets, including KING 5, Psychology Today, and Science Friday were quick to uncritically push the research and false claims to further left-wing causes.

This is deeply concerning, as manipulated data has serious, real-world consequences in this case. If we blindly follow biased data and media narratives, child patients will needlessly suffer even more than they already are at the behest of false realities.

It’s vital that research be conducted and presented without a political lens, as effective policy must be based on the untainted Truth and with integrity and honesty.

In reality, “gender affirming care” is child abuse and we need to pass laws criminalizing these child abusers, but in Washington state we are doing the opposite and protecting child abusers and punishing parents.

With the passage of HB 1901, our state legislators and governor now have given judges the authority to separate children from their parents with a civil protective order if the parent tries to speak out against those evil doers who desire to “affirm” and mutilate their children.

Children need to hear the Truth about who they are and how God has created them. God does not make mistakes and confusion does not indicate that something is wrong.

In addition, “gender affirming care” does not address the root of the problem. In fact, it only distracts clinicians from the problem at hand and keeps them from administering therapies that could actually help. Instead, patients only continue to suffer psychologically after undergoing gender “transition” therapies. Many end up regretting their decision and de-transitioning.

At its core, this is a spiritual battle. God is the Spirit of truth while lies are always of the Devil. If Christians don’t start engaging with all their strength in the public political square as Jason Rantz is doing, Washington state, and all our children, will suffer greatly.

As Christians, we should value and prioritize the Truth above anything else. We are called first and foremost to love our neighbors. Doing so requires that we share the Truth and reject lies, as the gospel of John tells us that the “truth will set you free” (John 8:32).

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