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Voter Guides… with a Twist!

Hopefully you have already marked your calendar on Tuesday, Nov. 4 as Election Day!  Washington State ballots will be mailed out next week. That means it’s time for all of us to support candidates who share our values. Our Voter Guide, which you can find at,is designed to do just that.

This Free Voter Guide is an non-partisan evaluation of candidates and a detailed summary of important information that will help inform you on where the candidates stand on important issues like religious liberty, marriage, and life.

It also tells you who has endorsed them and who is funding their campaigns.

Here is how to get your Free Voter Guide:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your address
  3. Search your personalized voter guide.

That all sounds pretty typical, right? Whats the twist?

For the first time, our voter guide is now available by text. That’s right, you don’t even need your computer. Just text your zip code to 77039 and within seconds you’ll have a copy of the voter guide on your phone.

Making an informed vote has never been easier.

Also, make sure you have your Vote Finder account as well and have at least 10 people on your list of pro-family voters that you’re going to encourage to vote. Vote Finder will tell you if their ballot has been received before the election is over. That way, you can encourage your friends who have not yet voted to get their ballots in.

Your friendly reminder to your friends could change the direction of our state.

After all, 78 voters in Vancouver changed the last two years in Washington State.

Be sure to share our Voter Guide on Facebook and Twitter as well!

These resources have made possible by the support of friends like you. You can support these voter education efforts here.

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