Legislative Session to be Online ONLY, Radical Changes Planned

The leadership of the Washington State Legislature has announced that the 2021 Legislative Session will be held entirely via the internet rather than at the Capitol Building in Olympia. Despite the forthcoming vaccines, at this time, it seems almost all legislators, staff, media, lobbyists, or citizens will be excluded from the Capitol due to COVID-19.

Obviously, this decision alone comes with a litany of concerns, but the additional caveats from legislative leaders make it worse. In the House, Democrat leaders have directed their members to file only seven bills a piece, and those bills should be on one of only four topics: COVID-19 response, racial equity, economic recovery, or climate change.

I will cover these issues in a separate blog in more detail, but a better way to label these issues is: increasing government control and regulations, increasing racial tensions while harming minorities and funding “favored” community groups, increasing taxes and fees, and increasing taxes and regulations without affecting the climate.

I served as a legislator for 18 years, and honestly, this next session truly scares me. During the greatest emergency in state history, with very little press or public oversight or scrutiny, a few select legislators and radical interest groups (basically the Seattle special interest crowd) will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pass society-altering, radical legislation that will fundamentally remake our state into a libertine, Marxist, pagan utopia, hostile to families, children, businesses, Christians, and, frankly, freedom and prosperity.

I’ve previously talked about what the radical, anti-Christian Democrats want to do at the national level, and we have seen what they are doing in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Since the crisis began, we have heard too many Democrat leaders blurt out in a moment of honesty some version of Rahm Emanuel’s famous quote, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

Honestly, this development should be of enormous concern to every Washingtonian, especially since it will likely lead to making our entire state as safe and inviting as the CHAZ was to all that experienced it — far from a “summer of love.”  The environment being built by those in legislative leadership is devoid of almost any and all accountability, and subtracts the need to listen to the Christian community or to anyone that is not a liberal in our state.

Given the abject propaganda coming from the news media, and the near silence and lack of understanding coming from many of our state leaders, we believe this may be the most disastrous session in our state’s history.

Increased taxes, harming churches, and destroying businesses is just a start. The radicals are expected to use this emergency to mandate vaccines without any exemptions, authorize Planned Parenthood-staffed “Health Centers” in public schools, defund law enforcement agencies, legalize most lower-level crime while continuing to harm black Americans, undermine religious liberties, legalize hard drugs, promote sex work, and extend the economic shutdowns of churches and business all in the name of “public health.”

These radical legislative leaders will absolutely continue to use the pandemic to justify undermining sane thinkers and leaders of both parties in our state, in a bid to enforce their fully radicalized agenda.

FPIW will soon release its 2021 Washington State Legislative Agenda, and these radical issues will be addressed in detail. Our agenda is not just to say, “NO,” but also to propose Christian solutions IF the Democrat leadership is interested in reaching out and making this a truly “inclusive” session. You can get a preview of our legislative agenda here.

Whether they reach our or not, we will need to be “cunning as serpents and harmless as doves” (Matthew 10:16) in the upcoming session. Pay attention, be alert, and ensure your elected officials are made to respect a true and open public process next session.

It is all of our responsibility to be engaged, as Christians or people of goodwill of any faith, so please be involved, whether personally or by helping those who are fighting the good fight for justice and the common good.  We need your help!

Again, this will be the most radical session in Washington’s history. We need your help to push back on this radical agenda NOW. If you are a Christian or a person of goodwill and would like to partner with us in a big way, let me know personally.

We’ll be here with regular updates on the progress of the legislature, and opportunities to affect real change for our grassroots and church partners, so stay tuned.

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