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Washington School Boards Should Leave NSBA

The Washington State School Directors Association (WSSDA) must leave the National School Board Association (NSBA), as it has proven on many occasions to be a progressive activist group that promotes dangerous ideas. In September, the NSBA caused national outrage by sending a letter to President Biden comparing parents to domestic terrorists. If its attack on parents wasn’t enough, the NSBA is doing even more damage by promoting leftist ideologies through its events.

The group is planning to host an “equity symposium” in January that will include sessions on “The importance of Creating Safe Spaces in Schools” and “Dismantling Institutional Racism In Education.” Activist athlete Joanna Lohman will also discuss the “importance of LGBTQ courses in school curriculum” at the event. This is just one of many politically driven seminars the association has or is planning to host. Earlier this year, the NSBA also urged the Biden administration to help advance the integration of Critical Race Theory (CRT) in schools.

CRT is an anti-biblical worldview that teaches children to view one another based on their race. The NSBA is prioritizing social issues and progressive ideology over education. Rather than working to combat issues in education, the NSBA is using taxpayer money meant for students to promote divisive, anti-Christian ideas that are harmful, even abusive to children.

Each of the ideas that the NSBA promotes, including safe-spaces, LGBT courses, and CRT, have no place in education. They are each based on beliefs that contradict God’s Truth and basic morality. They are harmful and abusive to children as they impose a worldview that is not only secular but also directly opposed to the faith, reality, and science. CRT and LGBT courses specifically are incompatible with a biblical worldview as they place our identity in categories such as race or gender, when our true identity is with Jesus Christ.

It’s deeply concerning that a national, taxpayer-funded organization is clamoring to have schools integrate such neopagan ideas into their curriculum and is also spreading the ideology through events. As long as Washington’s education officials are partnered with the NSBA and other radical leftist’s organizations, Washington’s public education system will continue to fail our children.

Nationally, over 27 states have acted against NSBA, while 15 states have made moves to withdraw membership, participation, or dues from NSBA. Locally in Washington, parents, Republicans, Christians, and elected officials are starting to notice this anti-parent and anti-Christian agenda, as the Tonasket School Board in Okanagan County recently passed a board resolution condemning NSBA’s actions. Republican Party leaders are passing around drafts of party resolutions which will call for the same because it is very clear that public education is no home for our children. Leftist ideas promoted by Washington State School Directors Association (WSSDA) and NSBA are running rampant, activist teachers are trying to indoctrinate students, and parental rights are being infringed upon.

Parents should demand a response from the WSBA regarding its partnership with the neopagan NSBA. Working with associations that promote such immoral ideas and prioritize leftist ideology over education can only hinder the mission of the WSSDA, which is to improve student learning. As a taxpayer-funded organization, the Washington State School Directors Association also has a duty to listen to parents, and the majority of parents do not want their children influenced by the ideas that the NSBA advocates for.

Our children deserve better than this. Contact the WSSDA, your local school board members, and your Republican Party leaders and demand they support the movement to cut off their relationship with the NSBA and WSSDA. You can email them at [email protected] or call 360-890-578.

We cannot continue to support organizations that are harming children.

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