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We’re seeing Soviet tactics right here in the USA

The pagan left has simultaneously politicized nearly everything and have shut down reasonable conversations, policy debates, and even accurate science. This forces those with differing viewpoints to adhere to their illogical worldview or be banished from public discourse and employment.

If someone neglects to use pre-approved definitions or expresses a view or fact that has been deemed immoral by the religion of the radical woke, our elites simply demonizes and disregards that person as an opponent of progress, or even worse, normal morality. They judge all human actions in terms of ideological motive and identity class, as they value loyalty to irrationality or delusion over logic and Christian morality.

The inmates have truly taken over the asylum with the Democratic Party and woke elites. Once facts, science, or rationality become irrelevant, it is then easy to justify using unconstrained power to shut down ideas people and organizations with little intellectual or moral concern. This has started with HB1901, which has criminalized Christian parenting and Christian marriages for the first time in our state.

Witness their silencing strategy on race, sexual orientation, and biological sex. White people are not allowed to speak on issues regarding race, men are not allowed to speak on issues affecting women, and no one can speak of the individual and family-destroying LGBTQ movement. Last weekend, Twitter locked Babylon Bee’s Twitter account for factually calling gender-confused Richard ‘Rachel’ Levine a man.

In recent months, they’ve become so outraged and self-righteous that they’ve gone so far as to undermine parents by indoctrinating children with the demonic tenants of pagan radicalism. At a Wisconsin school, students are forced to embrace the LGBTQ agenda with “glitter parents” who will accept their gender identity if their own parents don’t. In California, a school is offering a “transition closet” where students can change out of the clothes that their parents approved of and into clothes that align with their gender identity. The stories are endless.

The party line continues to become more radical and anyone not willing to fully champion the latest, most bizarre trend is exiled. In communist countries like the Soviet Union and China, dissenters have literally “disappeared.” In neopagan America, dissenters metaphorically disappear with cancel culture. As the left continues to become more radical, they will emulate the evil practices of Orwellian communist countries more and more.

Today, no public faithful Christian can get a job in a vast number of places in Washington state unless they renounce their faith, yet no one talks about this gross violation of civil rights. Everyone remains silent, so the persecutions and blacklisting grow.

As a result, the left has corroded our freedom and transformed American political culture into a hostile place that our founders wouldn’t recognize. 

We should expect to suffer and face persecution for the sake of Truth that Jesus preached. Our faith is meaningless unless we are willing to make sacrifices and suffer for it. 

The radical left will continue to silence and demean us as Christians. We must continue to represent Christ and refuse to fight fire with fire. Matthew 5:44 tells us to “Love your enemies, bless those them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them that despitefully use you, and persecute you.”

Stand firm against the demonic ways of our modern society. Pray for those who cancel or persecute you. Lastly, refuse to be silenced and instead, speak to our enemies about the salvation offered by obeying Jesus Christ and his teaching, rather than obeying men.

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