What “Cuties” and R-90 Expose About the Radical Left

The movie “Cuties,” a Netflix film which portrays young girls as sex objects, has been roundly condemned by many – across the political spectrum – for its dangerous infringement on the definition of child pornography. And the movement to #CancelNetflix because of it has been loud.

Netflix’s cancellation rate over the last couple weeks was eight times higher than normal rate, as families bailed on the streaming platform and the stock price plummeted. People are voting with their dollars, as they should.

FPIW even launched a petition to force Netflix to remove the movie from streaming service. You can view and sign that petition here.

Of course, there are still a few on the radical left who are not only okay with “Cuties” remaining on the streaming service but continue to promote it as a way for society to understand how difficult it is for young girls to find themselves in a world that constantly sexualizes them. The problem is, they essentially exploited and sexualized young girls in order to create a movie they claim is intended to protect them from the same.

It’s the height of irony and hypocrisy; you couldn’t make this stuff up.

This is actually a perfect illustration of the battle coming up here in Washington State. R-90 is on the ballot, which is an opportunity to accept or reject the SeXXX Education Mandate that was forced into law by legislators and the governor. This law requires schoolteachers to teach a “comprehensive” sex education curriculum starting no later than the fourth grade.

The definition of the word comprehensive is “including all or nearly all elements or aspects of something.” I cannot imagine a decent scenario where fourth graders (or even high schoolers for that matter) can be taught “all or nearly all elements or aspects” of sex, by their teachers, while they’re at school.

Teaching everything about sex has never been the purpose of public school. But it is now, in the minds of the leftists running our state.

In order to properly protect Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers from naturally and rightfully dwindling demand, they are attempting to create a new base of customers for abortion clinics by sexualizing children at the earliest age possible and delivering the knowledge and information they need to get themselves into sexual trouble. Abstinence is never mentioned, kids get pregnant, and abortion clinics are happy. Meanwhile, parents are left out of the loop entirely.

On November 3rd, you’ll have the opportunity to REJECT R-90, and repeal the SeXXX Education Mandates that our state officials crammed down our throats. And while you’re at it, please vote for the candidates who will stand with us on this issue and others. FPIW’s sister organization, FPIW Action, has released endorsements and will be releasing non-partisan voter guides for the General Election.

Parents for Safe Schools is running the referendum campaign. You can order your REJECT R-90 yard sign here.

Also, please remember to pray and make sure every like-minded person you know is registered to vote! The deadline for registering to vote by mail or online is October 26.

FPIW is aggressively raising funds for voter education efforts. If you want to contribute to that cause, please click here.

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